Gripe about Chick Trade and overall Management

Tillman and Austin are not taking the initiative to make deals and improve the team and go into a specific direction like fire sale or rebuild or add to what we have.

My example is that they did not decide to trade Chick as part of a master plan to rebuild. But instead Tillman quoted that Edmonton called him a few weeks ago inquiring about Chick as their DE Howard got injured. Tillman went to Austin and Austin said not yet. After the Ottawa loss Edmonton called again and this time Austin said yes mainly due to ratio issues with Laurent injury where they chose to stay Capicotti and he looked good to Austin. Thus they could only start ONE import forseeable future so they felt Tracey could replace Chick and they could save some money and get a 2knd round choice .

My issue is these don't take charge to address weak areas on the team . The oline and dbacks have been weak for the past 2 years and they let Lewis, Figueroa, Olson , Simmons and Dyakowski go from the oline and only bring in import Fulton and a host of rookies including Holmes .

In the Secondary , they made a smart move signing Kanneh at halfback but he got injured. They also have been plagued with Butler's year and a half injury . They did not bring in very good db candidates and did .

The reason Edmonton is a good team is that they see Howard go down and go out and get a great replacement in Chick in no time.

I went on the Edmonton site and asked them why the west is so much better and one guy said " Wally and Huff" . This is in reference to the head guy in BC Wally Buono and head man in Calgary John Hufnagel .

Well there you go could be a big reason why the ticats are so weak because Austin is running the show . Tommy Condell our OC walked out on him and then ended up on Toronto this year ..something is fishy there ..and orlando also walked to coach in US college .....many ex players have voiced a dislike for Austin including Simmons and Plesius...

Austin then replaces the OC , DC and offensive line coach with coaches that are overmatched . The OC comes from Mac University , The EX DC was a better special teams coach and proved previously he is not a good dc and oline coach has no CFL experience ..Not good hires and big losses in coaching .

Problem is Austin .

Austin is also stubborn and sticks with never running the ball and sticks with cj gable that merely blocks and rarely runs or catches the ball and when he does he is not very good at it .
He sign Collaros to 3 year 1.5 million dollar contract which made him the highest player in the league ...we ll that was a huge mistake considering our entire cap is just a bit over 5 million . He is in love with Laurent and overpayed him as well at 275 k.

A free agent was quoted as saying he can;t sign with hamilton because Ted took all the money we lost a lot of guys like Rico Murray and Johnny Sears Jr both starting for the Argos, Beau Landdry , trade of Plesius, release of Lewis ( starting for Montreal ), loss of Figueroa( starting for Edmonton ), trade of Simmons ( .Starting for Montreal )

I think we need to do what the Argos did. They realized that Barker and Milanovich were not getting it done and they replaced them with Jim Popp and Marc Trestman

Well we need to do something similar asap and they will take care of hiring the right co-ordinators and bring in the right rookies and the make the right signings and evaluate talent proper and make good trades ...

as long as we have Austin we are going 0-18 ...with zac running for his life and having lost confidence in running..and gable continuing to start and only block screen plays or draw plays and a defence that offers no pass rush and has db's that play 10 yards of the ball and we hardly see the other team punt which means they either get 3 or 7 on each possession .

I am not sure who the replacements should be but off the top of my head I am think Dunnigan, Stubler, Benevedis, Lapolice ....all good CFL minds

The rest of this season is going to painfull to watch if you choose to . If they make trades or cuts they will likely get rid of the wrong guys like they did with Chick.

Caretaker will wak eup when he looks at all the empty seats ....

"I am not sure who the replacements should be but off the top of my head I am think Dunnigan, Stubler, Benevedis, Lapolice ....all good CFL minds"

Dunnigan lasted one year in Calgary as their GM and head coach.

Rich Stubler didn't even last one season as the argo's head coach.

Mike Benevides lasted only 3 years as B C's head coach and hasn't been one since.

Paul LaPolice lasted only 3 years with Winnipeg leaving with a losing record of 16-28.

Not a great list to choose from....

Does the name " Tom Clements" ring a bell?

It does...and if you want to bring him here...have a big wallet full of money handy...

The prospect of Tom coming to Hamilton as a head coach intrigues me....not sure it's possible...

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  1. Tom Clements would never return to Hamilton in any capacity.
    If any of you remember what happened to him and his wife when he played here, you wouldn't
    suggest such a thought !! ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile:

And if they had not signed Collaros and Laurent, you would have been on this board griping about it.

Chick is nearing the end of his career. He is a good player, but not as good as he once was. Next year he will probably be well past his sell by date. Replacing him with Tracy is no great loss, and it opens up some salary cap for new signings. It is good decision.

When the team finally turns this dumpster fire in to a team that can consistently compete, the negativity will not stop.

That's obvious, but perhaps not in the way you meant it.

ExPat, What's your point?

Agreed. There were still a (un)fair number of negative comments flying around when the team was on a tear prior to Collaros's injury. Not as many as now, but still more than you'd think were warranted.

EDIT: I misread your comment originally. Or did I read it the way you actually meant it?

We are an 0-8 team. Fans, and for all we know, people within the team and team management recognize the need for change and upgrades. That means player movement, some of whom are going to be "fan favourites". Let's face it, the better players are the ones every other team wants, just as much as your team does. The gold bricks and trouble makers are just as toxic and unwanted to every other team as they are to yours.

Some of those leaving are going to go on to play well for other teams, after all, they are players who are playing at a professional level now. Sometimes that player, or his replacement, will be a bust. Both have happened in the past, will happen now, and will happen in the future. It happens in Hamilton, Toronto, Ottawa, Winnipeg. It happens in the CFL, NFL, NHL, MLB, Premier League Football, UEFA.

It will happen regardless of what we want to happen, think should happen or thought should have or have not happened. I can't see the remainder of this season being a happy time for the Cats nor for us fans. But we are going to have to ride it out if we want to get better. Apparently there really is no Santa Claus.

You said the negativity will never stop, no matter how the team performs. I agree completely. I'm just not sure if it's what you meant to say.

ExPat, When they turn this team around. I am sure there will be some positive comments.

so..... kinda glad Chick's gone? both surprised and disappointed that they got a 2nd round pick for him.

Play has been abysmal for the last two years (save a couple games down the stretch last year)

That said, name recognition should be able to get a 2nd without also giving up a 5th...

(but as good of a guy he apparently is, he's making too much to be this bad on a crap team)

I have only been to one regular season game this year, but I thought Chick played well. He's been double-teamed regularly. We will see what happens in Edmonton, but I think with a stronger supporting cast we will be hearing about him returning to form. To me it's like when someone on TSN talks about a receiver having a bad year because he only had x number of catches, ignoring how many times he was targeted. I suspect Chick is going to be a force in the playoffs.

I'm in that camp too.

I will admit that when Chick signed here, I was suspecting that he could have been past his best days, but, he has proven otherwise.

And will likely continue to do so in Edmonton.