We had a running game!
Grigsby rushed 18 carries for 93 yards and 2 rushing TD's
also caught a beautiful pass out of the backfield for 22 yards
Grigsby put up 115 Total yards with 2 TD's, those are tough yards, nice game

Total team rush stats were 25 carries for 149 yards
Grigsby -- 18/ 93 yrds
Banks----- 3/ 35 yrds
Callaros -- 3/ 19 yrds
Madu------ 1/ 2 yrds

posted in another thread the other day that The Great Grigbsy is Montreals kryptonite.. Fantastic pickup (ive been eating crow for a few weeks now :oops: )

now i'll have to look at his #'s against Calgary

Kudos’ to the Tiger-Cat coaching staff and Kent Austin for picking up Grigsby after released by Winnipeg. He’s done a great job in the short time he has been with the team and he’s learned the system very quickly from what coach Austin has said.

Looking forward to his play in Vancouver on Sunday against Calgary.


I’m delighted with the play of Nic Grigsby. He gives our offense a new dimension which will have to be dealt with by the Stampeders next Sunday. If we ever get all of our running backs healthy, we’ll be tough to beat. I’m so glad he decided to come east. :thup:

But it`s tasty crow! :rockin:

indeed it is :lol: :thup:

A big thanks to Mike OShea and the WPG Bluebombers.

pass :thdn: