Grigsby Released.......

Just saw this a bit of a surprise....

HAMILTON, ONT. – The Hamilton Tiger-Cats Football Club announced two transactions today.

The following player has been released:

INT – RB – Nic Grigsby

The following player has been added to the practice roster:

INT – DB – Cleshawn Page


Wow, really surprised by this. Especially given the injury history for Ticat running backs lately.

This would count as a BIG surprise!!!!
Maybe too much $$$$$$$$$ tied up in RB's

this stinks, he's a good ball carrier, better between the tackles than Gable IMO. Maybe they like what they see in Ford. Holley IMO is a bust, Ford should be ahead of Holley on the depth chart

That leaves Michael Ford, Ray Holley and CJ Gable. Is there someone else on Austin's radar that we are unaware of? An interesting development considering the reason(s) why he left the Peg?

Don't forget Woodson

Wow, I am shocked at this. He was an important part of the late season surge by the Cats. I wonder what happened? Injury worse than expected? Falling out with Austin? Teammates? I bet we never find out. The truth, I mean.

WOW !!!! Didn't see this one coming,obviously there has to be more going on here then meets the eye. Let's just hope that CJ is up and running and good to go and soon. This is pure speculation on my part but maybe with all the injuries and Woodson now back practicing maybe Austin is going to switch up the ratio by going with a starting import rb and a Cdn as the backup thus freeing up an extra import spot elsewhere on the roster ?

YES!! +1 how easy we for get our own Anthony Woodson :slight_smile: Been at practice all week
still sucks Nic has been let go :confused:

Crossed my mind when I read this as well!!??

He could have asked for his release. With Woodson returning, plus CJ Gable soon to be returning, and with Ford and Holley on cheap contracts, Grigsby may have asked to be released to pursue another opportunity if it arises.
Also,Woodson, Gable, Grigsby, Holley and Ford is a pile of $ tied up in 1 position.

Hoping we hear more details about this. After what went on with Grigsby in Winnipeg, I'm thinking it may be more of an off field issue than an on field one.

Drew Edwards chimes in on why he thinks Grigsby was released

Why the Ticats released Nic Grigsby

[b]The Ticats have released running back Nic Grigsby, which is likely to surprise some people. I’m not one of them. Here are a few of the reasons I think the team has made this decision.

  1. Grigsby had fallen behind Ray Holley on the depth chart at running back. Though Holley’s rushing numbers are uninspiring, he is a more versatile player than Grigsby, a guy who can catch passes out of the backfield, pass protect and return kicks. Michael Ford is a bigger body who can also play special teams, something Grigsby doesn’t do.

  2. C.J. Gable will be back soon. It might be next week in Saskatchewan or the following week at home versus Toronto but the Ticats were never going to carry four American running backs through the season.

  3. When Canadian running back Anthony Woodson returns from injury – again, in a week or two – the Ticats will likely only dress one American running back: Gable. That was the plan coming into the season and it likely remains the plan.

  4. Here’s what it wasn’t: it wasn’t a money decision and it wasn’t because of locker room issues (which were reportedly a factor in his departure from Winnipeg last season.) Grigsby wasn’t making significantly more than either Holley or Ford, given that he was signed late in free agency and was seen as back up to Gable and, potentially, Mossis Madu.[/b]

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Looks amicable

Don Landry retweeted
Nic Grigsby ?@Nic_Grigsby5 2h2 hours ago
Thanks for everything Hamilton the experience to play in front of you was awesome wishing the my brothers nothing but success! Keep pounding

Thanks for the update Grover, it sounds like my speculation about only dressing 1 American at running back and having Woodson as the backup is basically the reasoning as to why Grigsby was released. So I'm guessing that we see Holley/Ford for hopefully one more game or two before CJ is finally back in the lineup. The extra import spot will really open up a lot of more options for the team instead of utilizing it on a backup running back position,especially when the team really doesn't use the run enough to warrant having 2 starting imports at that position.

Are you kidding me? How is Holley above him on the depth chart. Does KA even care that we don't have a running game to speak of? Are we pinning all our hopes on CJ? I don't think he's the best runner to begin with...sure he can block and catch out of the backfield. I remember he dropped a sure TD pass on a screen in the first game last year and wasn't cut. I was looking forward to having Grigsby back. Oh well. :frowning:

Don't know why he's considered a back-up. I would start him over CJ. Maybe we should have signed Brandon Whitaker when the Als released him?

Always love the fans who give up on players after they've only played a couple of games. Betcha you weren't saying this after the pre-season games. :roll: By the way, I think Gable, Ford and Holley are all good running backs.