Grigsby released again?

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Looks like #Ticats running back Nic Grigsby has been released. Again. #CFL

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Want to wish my teammates nothing but the best going forward! Thanks to the city of Hamilton fans nothing but support! @Ticats

You gotta give the guy credit for being a really class act! :thup: :thup: :thup:

Too bad it didn't work out for him here. He was a BIG part of our playoff drive last year.

If you read this Nic this fan still thinks you are GREAT. :rockin:

noooo the Great Grigsby is leavin us again? :cry: :cry:

sh@!ty business

WTF! Not unexpected. He never really got a chance this season. Guess we’ll have to rely on Holley’s blocking ability. Sure hope he does a good job picking up the blitz to protect Mathews, cause we sure don’t have a running game to speak of.

One of two things: They have more faith in Ford as a back up and Gable may be close.

I suspect that there is truth in both of those - Ford proved to be a good blocker and only left because he had an NFL opportunity. Austin has said a few times that Gable is close. In fact it sounded to me like he almost thought CJ might be back for this week's game. With a less-mobile Mathews in at QB and Olsen gone with injury, good blocking on Jeff's blind side (or anywhere along the line) will be really important.

Also gone (into retirement) today is Antonio Coleman who'd completed two full terms on the 6-Game Injured List. This from CFL Transactions, September 30th:


Ford is getting the start against the Stamps. This is ok in my eyes. I think he can be a good back in this offence.

At least glad Ford is starting. Might have been good to see how Ford does before letting Grigsby go. After seeing what he gave us down the stretch last year, you think he would've gotten a fair shake. Only given 3 carries the last time he started, only to be replaced by Holley.

Gable being ready means nothing with his injury history. Why has Woodson not been given a chance? He did well when Gable went down.

Do we know who's backing up Ford yet? Might still go with Woodson, depending on other national depth. In fact with both Bomben and Dyakowsi likely missing on the OL. it won't surprise me if Woodson remains the back up RB for depth reasons. Lots of injuries among our Canadian players unfortunately although Daly might be ready too.

Ford’s LSU Collage Video