Grigsby dumps loser peg for a Grey Cup contender

I guess things have worked out very well for Grigsby. Released by a last place team and picked up by a team in the Grey Cup. I am certain that the Stamps will take the cats out to the school yard for a sound beating in the Grey Cup Game but things must feel pretty good right now for Grigsby. Wpg will likely see 2 or 3 more running backs come and go before they make it to a Grey Cup Game again, if they ever do.

Sour grapes I see....LOL

:lol: :lol:

you seem sad Shadow? Are you going to be okay when Nic holds up they GC? Should we take all sharp objects away?

We'll see about who does the schoolyard teaching shadow.

Meh, good for Grigsby but I'm glad he's gone. Our Oline here in Wpg was obviously terrible and Grigsby couldn't run through the line for any yardage. Yet Cotton was able to do so quite well replacing him, putting up a couple of games over 100 yards rushing in the closing weeks of the season. The Oline exposed Grigsby's weaknesses here, the line in Hamilton helps cover some of them up. I'm more than happy with his replacement.

That's true, and the first couple of games here the Ticats seemed to be finding that out. But he put up some big numbers two weeks ago, and yesterday was gaining yards with Als draped all over him. I think he's a good running back, and with the injuries the Cats suffered at that position, was the answer to a gaping need, that helped us get to the Grey Cup.

No worries with that Ryan as my expectations for the Bombers is very low as I expect them to be at the bottom of the league. Anything above a last place finish is a Grey Cup win for this team. Thank goodness for Ottawa coming into the league. just pointing out the obvious with the previous post. The fans that continue to drink the Bomber cool aid want to believe that Paris Cotton is a better RB. He would be a backup at best on any other team. When it comes right down to it there are very few players on the Bombers roster that other teams wold want. This is a team that has finished near the bottom for a very long time and still does not have any depth or good quality Canadians players.

Here is my prediction for next year for the Bombers. They will finish either last or second last depending on how Ottawa improves. They will likely start firing coaches sometime around labor Day. Right after the Grey Cup they host they will announce how they are going to rebuild this team and sell the fans a great story on how they are going to do it.I think they put something in the drinks they serve at the fan forum to help convince these fans LOL.

How many times have we seen that last paragraph play out? Do not have to be psychic to make that prediction as they have a proven track record. Sorry to sober the die hard fans with the truth.