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Very good post, Charukfan. I enjoyed every aspect of it and it makes me feel glad to be Canadian.

Wouldn't the world be a better place if racial discrimination could be erased?

I saw Johnny Bright play and he was and remains an inspiration to me.

This is one of the reasons why the CFL is Awesome, and people that say otherwise, just don't get it ! :thup:


Thank you for posting!

Great to see and hear what it meant to these players,
To be given the opportunity and freedom of playing and living in Canada, changed their careers and more importantly their lives.
You wonder if Warren Moon wasn't given the opportunity to play QB in Canada, whether there still wouldn't be any
black QB's or Head Coach's in the NFL, even today.

I woudn't say there is much "racial" descrimintation in the world especially in the West but more about religious discrimination. If you are a Christian in many parts of the world you are discriminated against. Muslims in many of these countries will not accept any other religion. In some MId-EAst countries it's Muslim against muslim - Sunis vs shiites, In some African countries it's tootsies against hutus, tribe against tribe.
At least in North America and Europe we have laws against racial discrimination, we have outlawed it.

Religious persecution may be pervasive globally, although racial discrimination is still commonplace around the world, even in the West.
Public sentiment towards intolerance may be somewhat less palpable than previously documented in past generations, (possibly due to modern incitement laws) yet sordid events remain constant including racial profiling which is ever present regardless of national wealth.

sadly, the Western world is not immune to the social ills of ignorance.

I was wearing my Cats jacket and toque today and went to a grocery store for shopping, some guy looked at me and laughed, I stared him in the faced with a big grin. Too funny! Felt like saying "hey buddy, thanks for your tax money for the new stadium and guess what, the Cats and CFL is staying around, too bad for you, bud". Mind you, I'm sure this kind of dude doesn't even know what the Grey Cup is nor wouldn't have a clue how to care about it even if he knew what the trophy meant. :lol:

Agree tangle, well said about the Western world and social ills of ignorance. Very well alive here unfortunately.

I hear you, Earl. I've run in to this sort of thing a few times as well and my response, whether live or in thought,
was similar to yours. No one will ever convince me that the CFL isn't the greatest entertainment in sport.

We were not able to get Cookie on tape for the above, however the following is the trailer for the finished 1 and 1/2 hour documentary, which has already won awards down south...soon to be released in Canada.

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