Gridiron Underground - Promotional Clip

Somebody posted this in the TiCats forum, but I figure it's worth posting here in the main forum,

It's a promotional clip for a video on the pioneering role of the CFL in hiring black QBs.

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Thanks to all of you for taking the time to watch the demo reel. Your comments were inspiring. As the producer of "Gridiron Underground" we appreciate your feedback. On August the 13th 2011 the fine offices of Steve Lowe and the Ticats threw a 60th anniversary celebration of professional footballs 1st starting black Q.B. which was Bernie Custis. He was joined on the field by Damon Allen, Chuck Ealey, John Williams Jr. and Tony Gabrielle. The footage is deeply moving and authentic and will be a part of the completed film. Our hope is to have the project ready by November of this year so stay tuned. We also have plans to publish a companion book to go along with the documentary and will send along the links to that sale site as soon as we have the details.


Bill Armstrong

Watching the trailer brought a tear to my eye...looking forward to watching the entire film! :thup:

Awesome clip. Brutal times. Can't wait to see the show.