GRIDIRON UNDERGROUND documentary movie

As many of you know, a documentary has being produced over the last couple of years with many shots done at Ivor Wynne. The following is a "demo reel" which is used to promote the sale of the film. It just has some "snipets" of the many players featured in the film. The finishing touches are being put on the film now and it is hoped the film will be sold and shown some time soon.

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I look forward to seeing the finished product. :thup:

Nice post, considering that it's Martin Luther King Day in the US.

Wow! I would really like to see this when it is completed.

Great engaging and powerful trailer.
Kudos to Bill Armstrong for such an introspective piece.

The trials and tribulations black athletes had to endure were certainly reprehensible and parochial, and while there has been visible progress, much is left to be accomplished.

Guys like Bernie Custis, Johnny Bright, Warren Moon, Cookie Gilchrist, Willie Wood, Herb Trawick etc etc etc have grasped my admiration, as has Canada and the CFL for providing these players with an opportunity not given elsewhere.


That's great, Woody. Keep us tuned in on when the documentary will be on TV, please.

Absolutely. :thup:

Great post! :thup:

I recently watched a similar documentary about the difficulties black players had breaking into professional football after the long ban on them playing, and I found it quite enlightening. Unfortunately, it focused on the NFL and AFL, completely ignoring the role the CFL had in allowing black quarterbacks to play in their position of choice. It sounds like this documentary will complete that story. Well done.

I remember vividly all of the players in the highlight reel. (personally saw them play) These men are to be
thanked and commended for the perils they endured in their attempts to get their football careers off the ground.
The colour barrier continues to make me wonder, "what the hell was the white generation thinking of?"

Woody: Thanks for this eye opening post. The idea behind its production is a very significant one for all of us
to remember, not just in terms of football, but in life generally. Under the skin, we are all the same!

I look forward to the finished product.

That is a great video. Some of that was from before my time, but it is really interesting to hear the experiences of these players and guys like Warren Moon and Burris who shouldn't have had to face those issues. Makes me proud of Canada and the CFL.

A powerful piece of film to watch. I had seen some of the Birnie Custus footage a while back.

This would be an amazing documentary to watch. Would like my children to see it too to show them some of what racism is about. Of course, we would be there to explain as they see it. I would try to preview it beforehand as well. The language seemed fine for what I saw.

I didn't know about it. Thank you for bringing it to our attention, Woody.

I posted the link to this video in the CFL Talk forum, and the producer of the video wrote the following reply in that thread,

Thanks for the link Woody - it looks like it will tell a very interesting story.

Can't wait to see the finished film