Gridiron Guru’s Needed…

Looking for advice, 2nd yr. fantasy fanatic, 1 slot left for the week. $4408 available to spend. I have Daniel Braverman starting…but leaning towards (SSK) Brayden Lenius. Thoughts? Or is there a 3rd option to consider? Feel as if John Williams-Lambert is a bust. Any advice appreciated

Stick to Braverman. He shows a lot of game potential. Lenius is one off situation. It is too soon to give up on Williams-Lambert, he find playing time once injuries crop up

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Sask just spreads the ball around so much to their receivers that it makes them less desirable for fantasy. Everybody seems to get their 3 catches for 42 yards. Fwiw, Fajardo feels that he has a strong rapport with JWL (Fajardo press comments) even though it hasn't shown on the stat sheet yet. He could get more looks this week with Shaq out.

Braverman will likely get kick return duty again so of those three it might make him a bit more attractive.

A note: in my pool of 9 friends, so far in 3 weeks Fajardo has been taken 9 times! yet Rider receivers a grand total of twice - once each for Shaq and Moore.


Thank you gentlemen, probably will stick with Braverman, but will revisit JWL before kickoff today, especially with Shaq sitting out. Appreciate it.

Now that I rethink it a bit, consider that Toronto against Winnipeg faces a tough defense, Sask against Ottawa probably easier. Plus the fact that of those three they might get similar numbers on average but JWL has a better chance of hitting a homerun if you want to gamble.

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Thanks PD72, gonna deep dive for about 30mins tomorrow. Again, thanks.

What are those money expenditures based on? Are you saying you literally can spend $4,408.00 in real money terms to be put in the league pot for the winner?

My first real job in the 1980s (info tech) had a group of department guys putting up $500 per team plus charges per trade/picking up players. At the end of the year the league’s super bowl winner got all of the money in the pot.

Just basic CFL.CA free fantasy EZ. I’ve have a unused balance that would allow me to play a player equal or under the price site set for each player