"Gridiron Gang" stole Stamps' logo

I dunno if I'm the first to bring this up, but did anyone else notice that the "Mustang" logo in the movie "Gridiron Gang" is really the Stamps logo coloured in orange?

I hope the Stamps got some royalties for that one.

SMU have had that Logo for years. It is a red horse. It is different so it does not infringe on the Stamps logo.

...I haven't seen the movie but I heard about the logo, when I did I thought it might be The Rock (who is in the movie) paying homage to his old team....he was on the Stamps practice roster in the late 90s....

...the history on the horse logo is this: SMU created it and used it on their helmets since the 40s, maybe even earlier....in the 60s, Ford was looking for a cool logo for the Mustang and one of their junior designers, a SMU grad, submitted the SMU logo, it was (obviously) chosen....in the late 60s the Calgary Stampeders adopted the logo for their helmets, retiring the logo that I use in my sig....in the early 70s lawyers from Ford caught wind of the Stamps usage of the logo and threatened to sue the Stampeders for infringement, which they would have won...however, when little SMU heard about the pending lawsuit they too threatened to sue Ford for exactly the same reason Ford was going to sue the Stampeders....based on the millions Ford had made off the Mustang SMU stood to rake in a windfall....Ford dropped their lawsuit against the Stamps and to this day all three users of the logo live in peace and harmony...

Very true Redandwhite you did your home work JM02 will mark you on this. JM02 please give my buddy the best possbile mark for his efforts.

Good history lesson R&W. I learned something today!

And you should rent the movie. It is TERRIFIC!