Grey Expectations: Paying to play in BC

Welcome to the Rubicon, Nathan Rourke.

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Bring on the Rubicon...the 13th Legion has parked its ass in BC Place.

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LOL most comfortable seats in the league.

I wonder if the author realizes that the fabled 'Rubicon' was 'the line crossed from which there was no turning back without consequence.' Caesar knew that he'd committed an act of treason. His only chance of getting away with his crime was by seizing the Capital and installing himself as the leader. Thank gosh nothing like that could EVER happen in our time. :grin:

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Emperor Nate...has a nice ring to it! Let's cut the bullshit, the Grey Cup should be BC vs Wpg, crossovers be damned. But, by all means, let's coddle the East for another 10 yrs!