***Grey Cup's TV production BEST EVER?

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[b]High definition and Cablecam put viewers right on the field

Now it will be really tough to watch games with a regular set[/b]

This may not have been the greatest Grey Cup game ever played, though it was close.

But there’s no doubt that it was the best Grey Cup TV production ever.

Of course, it should have been. Armed with the biggest arsenal of technology in the game’s history, CBC would have had its broadcasting licence revoked if it blew this one. But working with high definition for the first time in football and using the Cablecam for the first time ever, the CBC broadcast excelled.

It wasn’t perfect. The camera operator was faked out of his Calvin Kleins and missed Anthony Calvillo’s bootleg touchdown in the fourth quarter. And announcers Mark Lee and Chris Walby should have known that you can’t make two forward passes on the same play, as Calvillo did in overtime.

But all things considered, it was outstanding.

One of the big reasons was the Cablecam, which provided spectacular images. When Edmonton’s Tony Tompkins returned a kickoff 96 yards for a touchdown, the Cablecam practically put viewers on the field.

While the technology has been used in NFL broadcasts for a few years now, it seemed to find a new life in the CFL. Because of a wider field, the camera had more room to manoeuvre and brought viewers even closer to the action.

All that was missing was the Cablecam flying over analyst Eric Tillman’s hair. It didn’t come near Pamela Anderson, either. The only downside to the camera is that fans are going to get used to the expensive technology. The same goes for HD, at least for those lucky enough to watch it that way. The big-screen DLP in my rec room made me feel as if I were standing on the sidelines without having to worry about getting killed.

It will be hard to watch another football game with a regular set.

The low-tech coverage was pretty good, too.

Lee handled his first Grey Cup well. Though he did confuse former CFL greats Jackie and James Parker, he managed to convey the game’s excitement without hype.

The same couldn’t be said for reporter Steve Armitage and Walby, who sound more like they’re at the Second Coming than a football game. Somebody should tell them microphones eliminate the need to yell.

Walby had a solid game otherwise, avoiding his usual litany of crimes against the English language. He did a good job of explaining what was going on and telling viewers how Edmonton was exploiting Montreal’s zone defence.

Elliotte Freidman may also have come up with the timeliest bit of information in the history of sideline reporting.

As Montreal kicker Damon Duval lined up to try the field goal that would send the game into overtime, Friedman reported that Duval had been in a screaming match with Montreal coach Don Matthews because of his poor kicking earlier in the game.

That’s the kind of stuff we need to hear more often from the sideline guys, even if they’re still using low-tech microphones.

THE GOOD: CBC’s pre-game show had many highlights, thanks to some strong statements: Brian Williams calling the Jason Maas trade situation bordering on bush league;" Tillman praising Montreal coach Don Matthews but calling him his own worst enemy." But the real best came in an interview with two superannuated fans who had combined for 131 Grey Cup games. Asked what kept him coming back, one replied, ``The cheerleaders."

THE BAD: Asked to name the league’s best coach, CBC analyst and Argo running back Sean Millington picked Pinball Clemons, but not before apologizing for “being partisian” (sic). And we thought he was Canadian.

THE UGLY: At risk of sounding like a geezer, what was with a half-time show that featured humps" and my lovely lady lumps?" Cole Porter it wasn’t.

i thought the cablecam kicked arse!

For sure, provided a nice different perspective to the game.

especially on that kick-return...wow.

The cable-cam would have been great for replays, but I hated it during the live action. The QB throws a pass, and it's caught, but because of the angle and the fact that the camera is moving and that you can't see the lines on the field because the linemen are in the way, you have no idea whether it's a 5 yard pass or a 15 yard pass.

:idea: If they make it in 3-D, I'd be all for it. :smiley:

I loved every thing about it

the camera work was great. iI thought the cable cam was better on replays as well. NOw if we could get rid of Lee, Walby, Millington and surprisingly williams. Brian has been really critical of the league alot this year. I'm not saying he has to love it up but geez complaining about the cfl on its biggest broadcast of the year.

mostly they need to get rid of Lee and Walby they are horrible have always been horrible and always will be horrible.

I don't remember a single Grey Cup game where Brian Williams hasn't bad mouthed the CFL..................can't stand him.......

I think some people are overreacting to Brian Williams. His job is to create a bit of controversy, not just be some sort of a blandless yes-man commentator. I really think he loves the CFL but he is not a yes-man and good for him. And, to be honest, I actually think that some so called bashing of the CFL, just like lots of people in Canada love to bash the Toronto Maple Leafs, is good for the league (seems to be good for the Leafs without a doubt, their fan base keeps growing despite all the bashing from other parts of Canada), sort of keeps up the perpetual talking about the league and gets in the press. Sometimes the more press, the better, makes us think about the league more.

BEST EVER, thus far, be better next seaon.

Brian Williams job is to bring up controversial points for the others to comment on.
How exciting would it be to watch 4 guys sitting around around saying
good game uh?
Nice football weather too.
uh -huh

Besides, has he brought up any points that we have not argued about here?

I can't wait for the new 2005 GREY CUP , DVD , from the CBC in the new year!

If they or the league was smart, now would be the time for Christmas buyers to get the DVD our for the stocking stuffer. Wow, what a gift.

Yeah, it was pretty cool.

Good idea argotom. I wonder if they will.

Good idea, but the CBC will delay it afterwards and miss a good chance to make money.

No not the CBC...they will not delay..
The public has spoken..
The publics wish..is the CBC's mandate..
Your wish is my command....