Grey Cups in Calgary

NEVER AGAIN PLEASE. I actually spent good money on a full priced ticket and the experience was awesome. Everywhere except McMahon stadium. The rodeo was amazing, the indoor and outdoor fan zones were great. Team houses were a riot but Geez, next time Calgary asks to host the big boy game showing up in grandpa's old high school gear? Just shake your head and laugh. I went to so many regular season games and had barely any issues with the facilities ie bathrooms and concessions. Games which included Labour Day and Saskatchewan games. But when the sea of zombies showed up for greycup it was truly unbearable. There is no way that was up to fire code and I would hope not a standard the rest of the league would promote. Just sayin.

I went to the bathroom at beginning of half time, stopped to get a hot chocolate and was back in my seat before Urban hit the stage, yes it was crowded, all Grey cups are crowded
While McMahon is far from "state of the art". It is very well maintained and functions just fine for those that know it.