Grey Cups for the host city says it infuses 100+ million

Article says it will infuse $100 million into Ottawa/Hull next Grey Cup. Toronto media tried very hard to diminish this game, sorry fellas, didn't work. How can local businesses not get fully behind this?

I thought this point was lost in Toronto during Grey Cup. Never got mentioned by Toronto media. Paul Godfrey's crumbling empire had little to say. It is a note worthy article and rivals any event in this country.

Ottawa RB's next year could make the most $$ from any Grey Cup ever. Sponsors will be Canadian and Provincial governments for "150 years of Canadian Federation" and "105 years GC". If I am Disney, Florida, Texas, California I would become a field sponsor not only because of Canada and the reach of 10+ million but because it is shown on ESPN and worldwide! CFL and TSN should have a great 2017!

Also thanks to Nissan GMC for sponsoring CFL football. Thanks to all the other sponsors for doing the same. Sobeys great job but you need to sponsor one of the BBQ's at GC. It just fits with your product line and make it an annual event!

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I really like your idea of selling ads to destination places such as Disney and Florida/California. This is absolutely something the CFL should do, and it fits with my opinion that CFL marketing needs to have a wider reach.

I have considered going to this game as I still have quite a few friends in Ottawa, but because I live in California I just don't have the clothing needed to survive there at the end of November. If I do decide to go I will probably just buy some stuff at Goodwill and then donate it back to them when we're done.

It’s all about stadiums, however the league should start thinking outside the box and having a GC in a non CFL city.
Temporary type stadiums adjacent to an existing is feasible these days.

Sorry, but temp stadiums can't be made big enough to host a Grey Cup. The temporary Empire Field sat about 25,000 and fully half of the seats were behind the goal-lines. There's no way they could charge premium GC prices for seats in the end zones.

Disagree, a one off scenario will work for sure as this is a cultural and sporting event of the year.
Also possibly tying it in to a potential future team can only assist.

That number can be swung up or down depending on what is included in the calculations.

For example,:

  1. businesses around Lansdowne Park may show significant increases in business, but to be a valid number only the amount spent by visitors to Ottawa should be counted as money spent by Ottawans would otherwise likely have been spent elsewhere in the city.

  2. not all the extra money spent stays in Ottawa, $100 spent at a restaurant is what the owner uses to pay for the food, beverages and other supplies, not all of which may be sourced locally, so do you count the $100 or the portion of that which stays in Ottawa

  3. at least part of profits for chain stores/restaurants/bars flow to head office, most not in Ottawa

  4. such estimates usually rely on a “multiplier effect” that can be increased or decreased based on the underlying assumptions.

This is all similar to the arguments that a publicly funded arena/stadium “pay for them selves” when independent studies show the contrary; even property taxes collected don’t go to pay for the stadium, they go into the central revenue account and used to pay for ALL city services.

with the Grey Cup infusing 100+ million into the local economy, how much financial support does the hotel , restaurant and hospitality industry contribute to the host cities bid, in securing the rights for the Grey Cup, as they will be the biggest beneficiary's if the cup is hosted by their city ?

Regarding the "Canada 150" funding

2017 Grey Cup in Ottawa will be 105 years GC and 150 years of Confederation, that we know.

If there is a year for the Grey Cup to be on CTV along with TSN this would be the one.

Part of the GC pregame could do a segment on some of the oldest franchises in the CFL along with some brief re-enactments, uniforms, cities, people showcasing what it was like in the 100 + years playing this game in CANADA. Argos are almost as old as the Country - 1873. Ottawa Rough Riders aren't that far behind.

CTV can do it's part show casing the CTV Pat Marsden era and his contribution to this game. It's just too Hollywood not to do this for a 150 yr celebration..

Funding can come from the "Canada 150" money set aside from the Canadian Government for these celebrations. Government has allocated $150 million to help with our 150 year birthday if there is an event tied to Canada's History. I think it will be a perfect fit to do something like this in 2017.

Also, do the teams also do a retro game uniform in 2017?

I'd like to see one

I would like to see CTV carry the Grey Cup along with TSN.

They do that with some Golf, Tennis and NFL games among others.