Grey cup

Hope to see Grey Cup empty and an unsuccessful event. You got what you wanted, two potential western teams in the Grey cup. Second class referees and new review rules are ruining the CFL. I've got Grey cup tickets and I can't even give them away.

Battle of Alberta would be an awesome and epic GC game.

Referees are ok? look at the NFL refs. you must not watch football much. CFL refs are on par with NFL and there is no debate on tat.

You can't give away GC tickets? are you giving them to kids or people that live 6 hrs away? GC tickets are selling fast now that they are decently affordable.

Too bad your Ticats are out of the playoffs. Should be worried more about a new head coach and that your QB throws the ball to the wrong team in key point of the game. ooooh nice stadium btw but you need more luxury and club suites.

And you should have signed some FA's like Sinkfield

I’'Take them on your approval. No one is in CUP yet but it should be the best at the end of year for 2 teams like every other sporting even in the world. I’ll give you my email address on your approval.

Why would anyone buy tickets based on their own team being in it without a gaurantee to begin with?

Why waste the money now and just wait for it to playout?

Well I have 2 tickets coming and will book my flights tomorrow. CHEERS

Holy S - those were great games today.
Shawn can’t find anyone to give his GC tickets too. I take them. How do we meet Shawn?

Are you the five foot 4 Irishman with the TFC shirt?


Get lost.


You are confused … you only have laundry tickets!
Extra bleach for your TFC jersey and starch in your tightie whities, bone smoke.

You're either a friggin CFL fan or not. I've been to 25 or 26 Grey Cup games. I've seen plenty of great games that didn't involve my team.

People have been saying all season that the road to the Grey Cup goes through Alberta. You really can't be that surprised that not only do the two Alberta teams hold the keys to the big game, but there's a very good chance that they will be meeting each other in Toronto.

That you should wish the entire league to fail because the post season is turning out exactly the way people predicted it to makes you look both stupid and mean-spirited. Not a good combination. You should probably take a couple of days away from these forums to chill out before coming back here.

Edmonton won't win against Ottawa next week. Don't see it happening. Your worries will be unfounded.

The Last Word

I agree, Ottawa will win this one, they will shut down the Esks running game and Ellingson, Sinopoli and Jackson will all have a huge game.

The Ottawa game isn’t sold out yet , wonder what’s up with that …Grey Cup rematch and all !

Grey Cup will be what it is. Whoever wins deserves to be there. The game will end up being great..blah..blah..blah.
I'm heading for four nights of partying but not to the game. The game is just a bonus at the end of the best party ever.

You joined just to post " hope to see the grey Cup empty event ".

:roll: :roll: :roll:

Just do not get why anyone would join a FAN SITE, just to run down the CFL.

You are either a RPB troll, or a sock puppet.