Grey Cup

I know this may be premature, but I can actually see us winning the Grey Cup this year! We’ll be second in the east forsure, probably hosting Winnipeg in the Eastern Semi-Final. After that it’s off to Montreal, but who knows what could happen. What I like about the playoffs are, unlike hockey, where in 7 games the best team usually wins, it’s a winner takes all game, and if you have emotion and character (which we definately definately definately do this year!) you are in it no matter who you’re facing and where you’re playing. I definately think we have more emotion than Montreal, which will take us a long way IMO. I really believe we’ll be the eastern rep in the Grey cup, and like I said…emotion and character can and may take us all the way. At this point of time in the season I can see us beating any team. Idk this season to me just seems like the year to me…we’re all kind of a bunch of “no name” guys (with the exception of Bruce, who’s head seems to have been deflated a bit upon arrival) who all want to do one thing - win. We are a legit team this year instead of a group of players, and I just have a really good feeling.

I know it’s a bit hasty…but the season is already 1/3 over! We could be en route to a 12-6 record!

Okay... this is a bit premature!!!

i think we will finish second in the east but i dont see Winnipeg or Toronto making the playoffs, i think we'll be hosting a Western Team at Ivor Wynne come November.

but yes, i think talking about winning the grey cup right now might a just a tad premature.

Well I didn't want to say anything but since you brought it up. This year more than in past years I think the Grey Cup is up for grabs. We certainly are in the running. Overall I like our chances. I would have said Montreal is unbeatable earlier in the season, but I'm not convinced of that anymore. Also, if Calvillo gets injured, which let's face it is a real possibility in this league, Montreal quickly falls off the chart. If I was putting money down right now, I like my chances with the Ticats. :cowboy:

I know I think this is one of the first years in a while where everyone's really in it. (well except Toronto).

Regarding who we will be playing should we host the Eastern final, I think Winnipeg will be a lot better with Bishop..

this should be illegal!!! expecially for us. i dont want to here that word or even the P word for that matter. right now we are 4-2 which is a great start but the question is how will we finish the regular season. remember last year when sask. started the season off at 6-0? well what happened to them? yes they made it to the 19th game of their season but they didnt do that much after their start.

For now, lets just worry about finishing with a winning record for the first time in many, many, many, many, many, many years (and in my opinion that is a little premature)