grey cup

who is selling the ring?

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Brent Curvy

who the hell is brent curvy

Before your time young grasshopper

I think he was on the practice roster

Some Jacka$$ who did not contribute to the win and obviously it meant nothing to him.....

Who sell a grey cup ring? That should not be allowed.

Alondra Johnson sold one of his on eBay last year or the year before

At least it wasnt a player who understands Rider Pride.

Lets start a collection and get it for Matt Dominguez.........a true Rider

Matt did not get one? He should have!! Rather see him with one that some guy off the practice roster that probably hardly anyone remembers

I believe he got a GC ring, but doesn't have his name on the Grey Cup.

Why the hell would you want to buy a grey cup ring it's like "yeah, i have a ring and i'm not even on the riders" thats so stupid.

Do the players have to pay for their Grey Cup rings? If they do(which they probably do) than it's Matt's falt he doesn't have one.

Hmmmm. It does make sense that the entire team would receive rings, and the ones dressed for the game have there names engraved on the mistake

No, players don't have to pay for their rings as the CFL doesit for them. I think only the players on the 42 man roster would get a ring.

Im pretty sure Matt D has a ring