Grey Cup

Who’s stoked?! This guy.

Biggest party celebrations Ever … in Vancouver :smiley:

Hope to see all you fellow Lions Fans there partying in the streets leading up to November 27th!!!


Not only will I be partying in teh streets.. I'll be at the Game.......!!!! Go Lions Go!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

I'll be cheering like crazy at home

As long as the CBC settles thier dispute, otherwise they will be prevented from showing the game again, since it's in BC.

Can hope that they sell the rights to TSN, but dumber things have happened

Could you imagine if the Grey Cup wasn't televised due to the CBC strike? Riots in the streets!!

Time for the CFLto make plan “B” now. Enough of all the CBC bs.

Maybe CBC will put it on Country Canada like they did with Curling. Then the 46 subscribers can watch the game. :twisted:

......ha're jinxed now, talking about winning the GC only 2/3's the way through the season......

Actually, in the pre-season I predicted Edmonton would upset us in the Western Final. Davis Sanchez intercepts and scores the winning TD. Wish I could find the post.....

As a Stamp fan I have seen good ole Wally screw up in the western final do not plan that party to soon boys!

I just went back and read this thread after R&W's comment about being jinxed, and nowhere does he talk about the Lions winning.

Just that it'll be a great party in Vancouver, and Go Lions Go

So far everyone has talked about "the game" and it's telivision status, not who will be in it or who will win.

Looks like someone already thinks the Lions are gonna be in the game :smiley:

I guess R&W doesn't think his stamps are gonna make it...


.....ha ha....made you look.......

.....actually, wce, you are absolutely right, my bad......but just in case I'll buy any of those GC tickets you guys already have in case things don't go your way! :smiley: ........

[b]GO LIONS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have like 10 tickets to the Grey Cup :smiley:

2 of them are on the 40 yard line 15 rows up

Mine are on the 30…3 rows up, right behind the Leos bench.


I'll be there wearing an Eskimos cap and Riders jersey.

Going to my first Grey Cup game - very excited!!

But....still haven't received my tickets...have any of you guys?

Go Lions Go!
In my heart, the Lions will win the Grey Cup. :smiley:

According to the letter I received about reserving my playoff tickets, Grey Cup tickets should be sent in October.

BTW, my tix are on the 15, 5 rows up on home side. I can hardly wait :smiley: