Grey Cup


Saskatchewan isn't an option on this one?? :wink:

Vote, Please.

bombers#1 isnt 2 much of a CFL fan if he cant remember that ther is 9 teams in the CFL :lol: oh ya a bombers fan cant count past 8 :wink:

I Think Hamilton Should've Been Left Out.

Saskatchewan has just as good a chance as anyone else in my opinion. They will make the playoffs and have key guys back by then, anything can happen.

srry guys i screwed up on the poll

I used my Mod superpowers and fixed it for ya.
I'm drained, I better go lie down.

:lol: who were the 2 that voted for Ham. and Wpg. ??? :lol:

Ottawa is the only team without a vote. Who the hell voted for the Cats?

Like UnrealRiders said: Anything can happen.
Hamilton could aquire Damon Allen after its discovered he was a transexual and is released by the Argos and signed by the Catsand then all of a sudden Charles Roberts disapears and pops up in Hamiton. Same for Vaughn, Cahoon, Dickenson, Montford etc. Eventually Hamilton wins every game and the Grey Cup and it is discovered that Damon was never a transexual and was just involved in a runaway women's clothing accident. THE END!

You write short stories for a living??

should I?

sorry, but I'm a sucker for the underdogs and voted for the gades. And Damon Allen was NOT a transsexual...he was just taking advantage of ladies night at the bars.

This post should come back come November...I'll pick Winnipeg for the fun of it.

I voted for hamilton just to keep thigs real. Yes thats why, But i think edmonton will take it this year or maybe ottawa. By the way on medication very strong might explain alot. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, I Was The Other One, I Posted That They Should Have Been Left Off The Poll To Make Room For Saskatchewan (I Guess It Doesn't Matter Either Way) Then I Felt Bad And Gave Them A Simpathy Vote. If I Had've Known That At That Point In Time Only 3 Votes Had Been Cast And 2 Were For Winnipeg And 1 Was For Hamilton I Would've Picked Someone Else.

Untill someone is eliminated from the playoffs, anyone can win

I guess no one think Toronto can repeat as champs

the only way saskatchewan would make the playoffs is if the cross over in to the east.