Grey Cup

I see that it is going to cost $10 a person to attend the Ti-Cats parties at the Grey Cup. I know it's not much but for Ti-Cat fans who travel from east and west to the Grey Cup every year and proudly wear the colors to the events ( not even a party in BC, a DJ in Winnipeg , I think if monies are collected at the door each nite then the proceeds should go to a charity.

There is a cost to putting a proper event on, and frankly if it can improve from what it was in the past id gladly pay for it.

Last year was not just a DJ. And the party room in Vancouver was canceled at the last minute for a multitude of reasons. With it being so close, an improvement is in line. With this improvement also comes escalating costs.

Besides, if you had seasons, then you would already have a pass.

First of all I am not from Hamilton...just been a ti-cat fan since the sixties, so I do not have " seasons ". The party in Ottawa was regarded by many CFL fans as one of the best, so a model was set where improvements need only be the issue for other teams wanting to match the Ti-Cats. As for B.C. I am sure that the other teams faced the same issues as the Ti-Cats but still continued their tradition of hosting free parties for their faithful. It's just the principle of the thing. Even Nova Scotia who dosen't have a team has hosted at least two parties in the last couple of years. As a side bar I'd be interested to know what improvements you are aware of.