Grey cup - World

It's going to be broad cast around the world! Youtube! Only Communist China is out! Over 10 billion could tune in to watch! On November 29 the world will be watching!!!

Don't worry the population will make it by the 29th its all good

Reminds me of a Cabaret Voltaire song that sampled a portion of an old episode of Outer Limits called "Demon with a Glass Hand"...

"There are 70 billion people of Earth."

"Where are they hiding?"

Sadly.. I probably will miss most of the playoffs and maybe even the Grey Cup.. The new furnished 1920 dollar a month condo I just moved into with the new girlfriend only has the basic digital cable package and thus no TSN.. The NHL and NFL ckne in good though

Subtract china's 1.3 billion from that figure as well :slight_smile:)

May I suggest a lounge for GC ?

Yeah.. The new girl isn't too big on me drinking.. Her brother destroyed his life on the stuff,and now she is on me about having a problem.. Even one beer and I get crucified

For someone who claims to have the answers for all the CFL's woes you're not exactly a problem solver are you?

and how many around the world would actually know that it's on? It's not like Youtube advertises what's on their streams.
The NFL did advertise their game a couple of weeks ago live on Yahoo at 09:00 AM

Is it live or will they just put up the game after it's finished? 10 million could watch? I'm sure that would have to include people beyond our world too.

Might be time for a new girlfriend :smiley:

Its gonna be huge in Bangladesh! :lol:

You can always add to the basic bundle.

If the you-tube stream is gonna be anything like the ESPN3 version I pity anyone that watches. CFL football should be renamed "commercials" with a little bit of football interspersed in there. Unlike any other year I have watched the CFL I had to actually force myself to sit there through games with an incessant bunch of obnoxious commercials.

Is this a new gal Bungle or that crazy Colombian that ya met on vacation last year ? Either way it sure sounds like she has the old fish hook firmly sunk in to ya. Just a suggestion but maybe ya should stay off those "Find a Date " web sites. :wink:

Don't pity me, I enjoy watching the CFL on ESPN3 as well as ESPN2. As for commercials, they are what is known as revenue generators for the networks that broadcast the games and from which the broadcasters pay the CFL a good amount of revenue.

World class event for world class people!!!!!! My CFL BROTHERS AND SISTERS