Grey Cup Winners of the CFL

Since the Bombers haven't won the Grey Cup in 27 years (going on 28 after what I saw yesterday), I figured I would go back and count the winners since the league's formation 50 years ago.

The count was more balanced than I thought it would be. Toronto likes to count the "Flintstone" cups before their first real win in 1983--no wonder fans there want a NFL franchise (couldn't resist that one). Anyway, here's the tally of Grey Cup winners in the modern era of Canadian football:

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Baltimore - 1
Saskatchewan - 3
Calgary, Montreal - 4
B.C., Toronto, Ottawa - 5
Hamilton - 6
Winnipeg - 7
Edmonton - 10

Winnipeg had a 4-Cup dynasty during the league's early years 1958-1962, while the Esks had a 5 cup dynasty from 1979-82 to put them ahead of the field.

The Blue Bombers (Bummers, Boners, Blowers) have the stigma of not having touched the Grey Cup since 1990--the worst drought since the 'Dirty 30's' of the Depression. Life is tough in Bomberland now.

2007-1990 = 17

I guess it just seems like 27 years.

Huge flaw in your math… 1958 is a debateable start for the CFL Modern Era.
1949 would be a much better timeline.