Grey Cup Weekend Should include college all star game

The U of S did host the Vanier cup in 2006. The risk that host schools take is that a team from there conference would not make it to the Vanier cup and attendance would be very poor. That season U of S did make the Vanier Cup so that was not the case. In 2007 it was at Rogers centre and as someone mentioned was played with very dew in attendance as no OUA team was involved with Manitoba and Saint Mary's making an appearance. Hamilton hosted the game at Ivory Wynn in 2008 and Western competed in the game. Laval hosted the next two at Peps the first was one in which Laval did not make an appearance as Quenns was the closet team involved and Laval hosted again in 2010 and Laval played. Both times Laval was said to do a great job with hosting the game.
Having it with the Grey cup, however, ensures that there will be football fans traveling to the area and some that come for the Grey cup will take in the Vanier as well.
This does as someone mentioned leave out the possibilty for CIS schools to host a Vanier cup.
I would be a possibility if U of S wanted the 2013 Vanier Cup it could work with the Grey cup being close bye in Regina. The same may happen if Montreal were to host a Grey Cup the Vanier could be a Peps which is not too far.
Including with the Grey cup does ensure that there will be a bigger crowd and with the Game in Toronto this year it is not that far for any OUA team and even any team from the Q whether it be Laval or U of Montreal.
The last game in Toronto without being paired with the Grey could not have been a worst case scenario with no team from the OUA or the Q but rater a CanWest team and an AUS school.

All-star game might not be popular to fans but the college football players will play their hardest to get the scout's attention and get drafted. The idea is good but needs some incentives for the all-star player to play their hardest. However, there might be no chemistry between them because they have not played together once. All-star format tend do not attract fans in every sports except for host city while the national tv rating hurts in a way. I just do not see that the CIS all-star game would work during the Grey Cup weekend as we already have the Vanier Cup as a part of the Grey Cup festival.

Now, on the other subject, if CIS wants to grow the game, it needs a national audience once a week, not just having TSN to show semi-final bowls and/or the Vanier Cup. The university could offer its scholarship with the partnership with the CFL and might be a good investment but it has risks. Normally as far as I know, the Canadian universities do not offer the athletic scholarship unlike the U.S. college sports. As far as I know, the OUA and Can-west do not play the inter-conference games. I think CIS could expand their regular season games from 8 to 10 to allow to have two inter-conference games in the regular season. If the inter-conference regular season is successful, they could expand at least one more game and at least reduce its playoff format to top 2 or 4 teams in each conference on the quest to the Vanier Cup. AUS could at least have its top 2 in the conference to make the playoff. I felt that AUS could use a few more university teams but the football program is expensive enough and lack of players participation the Canadian university football so if they could offer its athletic scholarship and this could become huge sports Canada-wide with many university graduates coming back to support their college teams. It does not happen overnight as it takes decades to make this CIS grow if they start the athletic scholarship program.

The culture of the sports in Canada is not big so it is the reason why the CFL and CIS do not generate the national wide attention to the college sports except for the die-hard fans. What they need is more exposure to the CIS sports through the TV on a prime-time once a week on a Thursday night or Saturday night.

The Vanier Cup has only been played twice in the same city as Grey Cup since it stopped being in Toronto every year:

2004 - Vanier Cup in Hamilton, GC in Ottawa
2005 - Vanier Cup in Hamilton, GC in Vancouver
2006 - Vanier Cup in Saskatoon, GC in Winnipeg
2007 - both in Toronto
2008 - Vanier Cup in Hamilton, GC in Montreal
2009 - Vanier Cup in Quebec City, GC in Calgary
2010 - Vanier Cup in Quebec City, GC in Edmonton
2011 - both in Vancouver

Having a National game of the week for the CIS to be shown on Natioanl TV is something I have discussed before. Allow teams to play interlocking games and have those games not count towards theiLegue record for the playoffs. You would then be able to create match ups such as Laval visiting Calgary as Laval would have the money to travel that far. A series of High profile National games would draw a national audience also the teams that are at the bottoms of their divisions could also square off against each other so there are less Blowouts. ^ conferense games per conferance and 2 no conferance games that will not count towars the league and playoff standins