Grey Cup Weekend Pictures

Hi all; here are a couple of pics.....more are in the thread "Mr & Mrs MadJack's Excellent Grey Cup Adventure" on the main CFL board.

Me with Angelo Mosca:

Me with the incomparable Prince Hal Patterson:

Mrs MadJack at the East Meets West Bash:

nice pics.
one question. Have you ever used a camera before?


Too funny.

Coffee out the nose funny.

Get your eyes checked, the pictures are great!

How do you insert pictures?

Took me awhile to learn myself, 72er.............

Best thing to do is send a PM to ro1313, he can walk you through it.

Am I the only one who see Mrs Madjack dressed like Stripes?

Geoff, is she cut off on your screen standing beside Stripes? If so you can look at the complete set here:

Thanks for sharing some pics from the weekend. Looks like you had a great time.

I’m not too familiar with using picasa, but there should be a way to resize images or post thumbnails instead of having them appear fullsize on the forum. (They are currently cut off for some reason).
If that doesn’t work I would suggest using photobucket, which resizes automatically.
The album link works great though.

Thanks for the album link and for sharing your photos from the weekend, looks like a lot of fun!

The pictures come out fine in the thread on the main CFL board, but look cropped strangely to me on (viewed with Firefox 3 on Windows).