Grey Cup Week

does any one know if the Q and A with the Commissioner is being live streamed?

Does anyone think that an actual announcement about potential Halifax CFL expansion will take place - or will it just be a rehashing of what we already know?

I don’t think we’re near an announcement yet. They’ll admit discussions are happening, but an official announcement is quite far away I’d imagine.

Both his State Of The League addresses (one just for media, one just for fans) will be live streamed. The page at CFL Live - will automatically flip to show that live stream at the given time. :slight_smile:

Hi do I get to CFL Live - from the main CFL page. I'm sure there are a ton of links that are not on the main page. How can I find them? Thanks for your time

When we're a few minutes away from the event, it'll be linked to from the home page (in the first/main slot). Otherwise it's found at Schedule > Live.