Grey Cup week festivities

Just a thought here about something that could be added to the GC week festivities. A lot of us like hockey in Canada, stating the obvious of course. What about a hockey match of some sort between CFL players that aren't in the big game? Might be fun to watch and add to the festivities I am thinking. I remember watching Pinball try his luck at skating on the rink in front of Toronto's city hall, he wasn't doing too bad for someone who hadn't skated much.
Just a thought at any rate.

good idea, but I rather see a chree leader compitision during GC week, or Curling, I'm in to it now after today!!! GREAT DAY!!!

Ya like curling kanga?
Anything you want to change about it?

I don't even understand it yet.

I would say you don't understand Football yet, but that hasn't stopped you.

As for the hockey game I think its a great Idea. I know the Riders do some kind of hockey thing in the winter. Either they have an actual team or they just were in a charity game, or a charity Street hockey game. something like that.

I don't understand it fully BS, their a huge difference to not understand a game at all, to understand most of it, but minus a few points here and there.

Example: I don't even know how you score in curling. I know that it's 7 points for a TD (haha, got ya it's really 6), 3 points for a FG, 2 for a safety and convert (for now, should be 1), 1 for a kick convert (:roll:) and a single.

how about announcing the COACH OF THE YEAR during grey cup week....why wait til almost march, when the season was done just before december?

since the winner of the Coach of the year is awarded for reg.season success ( not playoff success ), that means they have all playoffs to figure out who to give it to, then announce it 2 or 3 days b4 grey cup.

not a bad idea.

Which is why you should not ever be trying to introduce rule changes. One should not try to change things (especially things that are so well established) when one does not understand the thing they are trying to change fully.

that why I try my best to understand something before a suggest anything, believe it or not.

case in point, I had a rule a few months ago about making the D not get the full 35 yards for not getting the ball out of the end zone on a fumble or interception. Then I found out the real rule which was that they would get the ball at 25 yards instead of 35, and my rule propose died right their on the spot.

Well why didn't you look through the rule books furst which would have told you. So obviously you trying your best is not really trying at all.

not in the book, trust me.

You must understand BS, I don't do it to hurt the game, I do it cuz I think I'm improving the game.

and to everyone (BS and Ro especilly), if the AP is so stupid, why is it done in the NFL juroir golbal Champs and in NCAA? both of them have it in their rules in OT (although, Ncaa has it after three attempts).

What about a canadian version of the lingirie bowl?

Just go to Number 5 Orange street Kris...LOL

Did you mean this rule which I just found in the book stating that the defending team recovering the ball in the endzone and deemed down shall scrimmage at the 25?

Article 12: Interception by Team B in its own Goal Area
If Team B is in possession of the ball and it is "held" within its own goal-area, the ball is dead without score.

If Team B intercepts and then fumbles while attempting to run the ball out of the goal area, the ball may be legally recovered by Team A.

When the ball is dead without score, Team B shall scrimmage at its 25 yard line, first down.

If Team B, while in possession in its goal area following an interception in goal commits any infraction in the goal area or in the field of play, the penalty shall be applied from the 25 yard line, or option.

If Team B intercepts a pass in its goal area and the play is ruled dead in B's goal area and Team A is called for Rough Play or Unnecessary Roughness in the field of play or in the goal area, the penalty shall be applied from Team B's 25 yard line.

Note: If a Team B player intercepts a pass in the field of play while moving toward the Team B goal line and momentum carries that player into the goal area the play shall be ruled as an interception in goal.

Note: The only score that can result from a Team B interception in its goal area, while the ball remains in the goal area, is a touchdown by Team A following recovery of a Team B fumble.

Oh, roughy's on top of his game today.

Must be Jake Ireland in disguise. :wink:

I love that rule! since they don't get the full 35 yards.

did you find that in the book on the side? cuz at the time, I looked up and down for it.

I found it in the rule book on this site quite quickly.

dang it