Grey Cup Week Events Announced Today in Toronto

The events occurring during Grey Cup Week in Toronto were announced today:

An impressive array of events indeed!

It is impressive, but it's really hard to know right now which events I'll want to go to. says that Grey Cup ticket holders get first dibs starting what do we have to do if we bought them through the TiCats Org?????


It certainly does appear those that organizing the 2007 Grey Cup know what they are doing. I understand that the last time Toronto hosted the Grey Cup, the event was not considered a success. But those organizing this one could make many people forget about what happened at the 1992 Grey Cup. Especially with all but about 5,000 tickets being sold.

I suppose that with the way ticket sales are going, I should consider buying a ticket soon. I'd have to decide on going before the only way to get a ticket would be to pay quite a bit of money to a scalper. But with all these attractions, there is still just one more I'd like to see: The Ticats being there in the game, crashing the party, and winning of course. It's not likely, but you never know...