Grey Cup Weather forecast

Edmonton had the same access to those staple guns since the Big O was still under construction. Tools were left unattended back then

Yup. Most of my best memories while attending games, was advertised, crazy friends, crazy comebacks, crazy drunk (when I was younger, not any more) attend 8 Years with my two sons, but bad weather games was always a crazy memory, snowball fighting in the stands, freezing cold, down pouring rain, game delay due to thunder & lightning, power outages.....the games that make me smile today are the games with the most adversity.

Rays 100 yard TD pass in 2017 only happened because Stamp corner Tommy Campbell slipped in the icy turf ..also it was the only play the Argo offense made all day vs the dominant Stamps

What's the weather forecast inside BC Place for this Sunday?

did you do that from memory?

The forecast is still holding for Sunday where the temperature should probably be in the 3C range at kickoff and maybe a little bit breezy. But I stick by my comment on my first post the CFL is lucky.

here's what it looks like right now at 8:00 p.m. Thursday evening here in downtownHamilton. Snow and windy.

And if the game was Friday evening that's when heavy rain and winds up to 70 km per hour is supposed to roll in continuing through Saturday with a rapid drop in temperature late in the day when a strong cold front rolls through with the temperatures dropping to freezing below zero which means Saturday evening could be icy as all that rain freezes with winds even stronger with winds up to 90 km per hour.

So hopefully all that wild weather does pass by
before Sunday morning and we do have relatively good weather for game day. Here's the special weather statement they just put out for Friday through Saturday.

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They say The Farmer's Almanac gets lucky in their weather prediction, but they use mathematical algorthims that are held in secret by one unknown person

Norstradamus maybe.

I was at that game and it was freezing cold at Olympic stadium. Dont recall if the roof was installed at the time, but there was no heat

Nostradamus used a primitive form of remote viewing to foresee the future


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I guess you're right, the roof would not have been on at that time. However the field conditions were perfect (astroturf) and with the Lions scoring 3 long bombs, the offense wasn't hampered in the slightest.

I am impressed. I dont even remember last year conditions

Just a glorious Grey Cup Saturday in Hamilton all the way up to 17c!

But here come the winds gusting up to 90 km/hr this evening! Game time 4C and still pretty breezy with winds of 30 gusting up to 50 km per hour likely to have an impact on the game. THF VISIBLE IN THE SECOND PHOTO ABOVE. AT LEAST IT SHOULD BE I CAN'T FIND MY MAGNIFYING GLASS TO CONFIRM EITHER OF THOSE PICTURES are in focus. LoL. AS I adjust to my limited vision life.
The good news for me the friend who is invited me to watch the game tomorrow at his place has a 70 inch TV so I might actually be able to follow the play yay!

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Don't fret FootballYouBet. You don't remember last year's Grey Cup conditions because we cancelled the season. Your memory is Juuuuuust fine. :grin:


Wouldn't want the GC to be played tonight here in Hamilton, the winds are nutso right now, wife and me were on a walk on the rail trail here near the stadium on the Niagara Escarpment earlier and a huge tree came down with a big crack sound, we looked up the trail and a hiker came very close to getting hit. We talked to him and he was frazzled from this near hit. Tomorrow should be good though from what I see in the forecast.

That single cloud concerns me. Could be a huge UFO creating it's own cloud so it can do surveillance?!

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Believe the Gizmo td return was a kickoff followed by a Jimmie the Jet return td or possibly vice versa. That doesn't happen often.

Eddie Brown was off the toe and Flutie got a freebie on the spot.

Wind was not a big factor in 96

Hmmm, no fly zone though. :smiley:

Tip of the cap to the weather guys as they nailed the forecast from day one. PURRfect day if the Cats win. No rain, high of 6C with temperature holding steady at about 3C throughout the entire game.

The winds will be a factor though 30 gusting to 50 km per hour throughout going from right to left as you watch on TV. Here the bright sunny view looking towards Tim Hortons field from my balcony on this beautiful Sunday morning.

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