Grey Cup Weather forecast

Considering the late December date for the game it looks like the CFL has lucked out weather wise. On Saturday here in Hamilton they are actually forecasting a balmy high of +13C with rain. So no frostbite for players the day before the game like some Hamilton players had in Regina a few years ago.

For game day sunny and +4C with an overniugght low just going down to +1C. Could be windy though with gusts in the 40 km/hr range.

Not bad at all if this forecast holds through sunday.


Good news! But let’s lose the rain please.

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When was the last rain Grey Cup?

2019 - chilly (as in not much below 0 as expected) and perfect
2018 - a bit cold (if I recall)
2017 - snow squall
2016 - chilly and perfect
2015 - chilly and perfect
2014 - indoors
2013 - on the cold side (like -8 kickoff?)
2012 - indoors
2011 - indoors
2010 - chilly but perfect
2009 - a bit cold (if I recall)
2008 - indoors
2007 - indoors
2006 - chilly but perfect
2005 - indoors (beautiful outside that weekend, sunny and about +6 at kickoff, we were deprived)
2004 - cold!
2003 - cold
2002 - don't exactly remember, i think it was chilly to cold?
2001 - indoors
2000 - fairly cold
1999 - indoors
1998 - cold!
1997 - cold
1996 - blizzard
1995 - windy! +2 at kickoff but wind chill holy!
1994 - indoors
1993 - chilly?
1992 - indoors
1991 - cold!
1990 - indoors
1989 - indoors
1988 - chilly?
1987 - indoors
1986 - indoors
1985 - indoors
1984 - chilly to cold
1983 - indoors
1982 - heavy rain

39 years since a Grey Cup has had rain. That's quite a run. As you can see, the weather is rarely a big factor in a Grey Cup despite being played at the end of November.


Didn’t realize it had been so long since it rained. So rain has definitely not been a factor, but the weather has. It was a factor in the WF last week, being south of -20 with the windchill. It was a factor at the 1991 Grey Cup in Winnipeg where it was south of -20 at kickoff and I froze my ass off. You might want to designate that one as “very cold”. I am sure weather was a factor at the snow squall and blizzard games you list. I don’t know enough about the conditions of the other games but would be surprised if the weather didn’t negatively affect some of them. In all that is too many for me.

How were those games negatively affected? 1991 1996 2017 and last week's WF were all great games, all classics in fact.

Thank God for global warming!

We have been through this before and won’t agree. I’m probably in the minority in this forum, but I think that the most important games should not be played in the worst conditions. It penalizes the best team and takes the more skillful players out of the game if the receivers and quarterbacks have difficulty with their footing or their hands are too cold. Just last week the weather in Winnipeg , in my opinion, caused Demski to cough up a sure touchdown and contributed to several turnovers. I compare it to the not so distant past NHL when the NJ Devils used to hijack the post season with their clutch and grab style that didn’t resemble the exciting hockey I wanted to see or the play in the regular season. Bad weather also hurts attendance. I’m not trying to start an argument or discussion or thread, but rather just answering your question

The temperature at kickoff for the great cup game in 2013 was +1. It dropped to -1 during the game. I was there in the stands along with Tom Hanks and Martin Short and I can tell you I wasn't wearing a toque or gloves. There was 0 risk of frostbite during that game my friend.

But it was -20 for practice on Wednesday, and Dyakowski (Canada's smartest person) thought he would practice in shorts. He got frostbite on his knees.

It penalizes both teams equally. Both teams face the same wind, the same rain or snow, and step out onto the same field.

Football is an outdoor game to be played in all weather. The teams that copes with that weather better is a better team. We expect both teams to deal with rain in June, heat in August, and snow in November.

Bring it all on (except lighting)


We’ll agree to disagree on this one and I have posted plenty on the topic. All I’ll say further is that I believe QB’s and receivers, arguably the most skilled players on the field, can have those talents completely stifled on an ice field or in a blizzard. There is already always a risk of rain unless indoors so why add to the elements that can negatively affect a game? Perhaps you prefer to watch a slip sliding run fest, and that is fair, but I don’t. Just like I hated watching the Devils and their tactics take the most skilled players out of a game in my comparison above.

I prefer to see big plays and passing and the odd gadget play, which mostly go the way of the DoDo in terrible conditions. The most skilled team is therefore penalized disproportionately. I didn’t think that was controversial. Most fans, especially the casual fans the CFL badly needs, are paying to see some excitement, not a run fest. We have rugby for that. No one is paying to see Patrick Mahomes or Tom Brady hand the ball off all game, to use an NFL example. The saving grace this year, should weather affect the game, is that the Bombers have a far superior run game. But my comments are general to the year end playing conditions, no matter who is playing or who has the most skilled team.

Don't tell me what "most fans" want, you aren't most fans.

If the game is slip slidy, so be it. I don't have preference of which type of game I want to watch. Whether something is "attractive" or not is not a concern. I want to see my team win, good bad or ugly. If they handed off every down and gained 5.5 yards every time, an won, that would be just great.

There is just as much skill in effective running, blocking and tackling, as there is in catching and passing. To say that poorer conditions for passing make it a "less skilled" game is rude and a disservice to all the other members of the team. And it is a team sport.

Any team that develops good tactics to negate another team's advantages is a good, smart team, and worth watching.

I am not “telling” you anything. Perhaps I should have made it more clear that I was speculating. I do believe that most fans of the CFL, NFL and NHL all prefer to see lots of offense and scoring and also believe that this attracts way more casual fans, which the CFL needs, than defence and running plays. People are still talking about the KC/Rams game in Mexico a few years back in which the teams scored around a 100 points combined. Years later no one will be talking about the game on Monday in which Jones finished 2/3 for 19 yards. The weather of course caused that. Fair enough if you like it, but I think it is reasonable to speculate that those kinds of games don’t sell the sport as well as the high octane games, especially to casual fans.

I didn’t use the word “attractive”.

And you shouldn’t presume I am denigrating the sport or doing a disservice or being rude to players. Not really an effective argument against what I said, just a lashing out because I disagree with you. To clarify my comments on skill, I had ball handling skill specifically in mind. I never said that running or bull rushing aren’t skills, but they don’t usually involve handling the ball over and above just trying to hang onto it in the case of running. Another pure skill position, kicking, is also frequently lost when the weather is terrible. I’m not thrilled by games in which a 30 yard field goal won’t be tried because the weather makes it too risky. Too much luck and very little”skill” involved in the outcome.

And I don’t think that any team develops and builds their team in the hope that they will be faced with a mud bowl in the playoffs. Running is only at best half of the game and if you can’t pass effectively your team likely won’t even make the playoffs. Passing can disappear In poor conditions like we saw on Monday. This levels the playing field and hurts the better passing or “skilled” team every time. This is not planned for by the lesser team as you are suggesting, but maybe hoped for.

True football fans can enjoy both the American and Canadian versions of gridiron football for entertainment, 100,000 people in the stands or 0 people in the stands IMHO. I remember going to watch my high school football team play and there were maybe 20 people watching. Totally entertained, loved it. Because I just love watching gridiron, 3 downs, 4 downs, 12 players, 11 players etc...

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No disagreement with you there, but professional sports leagues generally can’t survive very long with 0 people in the stands.

Then the easiest solution is whoever finishes in 1st place at the end of the regular season should be declared champion.

No need for a playoff. Season can end in October.

Sorry to say weather is always a factor and a charm to the Grey Cup final.

Done well for 107 championships why change it now.

It's called "Any Given Sunday" for a reason and it's not just restricted to the NFL.

You can pass just as well in the elements as in "perfect" field conditions.

We will of course continue to disagree.

I haven’t suggested that the playoffs be dispensed with. Not sure where you are getting that from. The season can end in October with playoffs if it starts in May, as I have said many times.

I disagree with you that weather has always done well and has been a charm for 107 championships. I don’t consider at least 60% of the game, namely passing and competent kicking, being eliminated from a playoff or Grey Cup game as desirable or actually even a football game.

I also think there is always room for improvement in anything, including CFL football. To say that things have been great for 107 years is incorrect and ignores changes such as bringing in the forward pass. Unless you think the game is perfect now, there is nothing inherently wrong with suggesting a change. Even if you don’t agree with it or maybe just because you don’t agree with it.

And you can’t be serious about saying that you can pass just as well in a blizzard or on an ice field as in perfect conditions.

Rick Ray's 100 yard TD pass in 2017 final in the snow.

Also Eddie Brown's shoe string catch along with Gizmo Williams punt return for a TD.

Prime examples. Doesn't happen often but it's fantastic when it does.

Don't believe me. Feel free to look it up.

I remember all your examples, but like you said, it doesn’t happen often. The rest of the time it’s a snooze fest. The GC between Edm and Mtl, I think it was 1977, looked like a bunch of seals flopping around on ice flows.

Clearly one team was smart enough to realize to staple their boots to get a better grip.

The better team ,on the other hand , was asleep at wheel.

Surprised at Hugh Campbell, or was it Ray Juach.