Grey Cup Weather Forecast

The midrange forcast for Sunday in Regina is 0 and sunny this is great news for those of us attending the game. The bad news is the CFL in their infinite wisdom has scheduled the game in the evening when there is no sun and the temperature has dropped to -14. Still not a bad day for football but total disregard for those of us paying the big bucks to watch the game.

minus14 !

More interesting is the Weather forecast for the Day before... Oh boy that field is going to be hard!

And having the game in the evening allows everybody to make sure they have ingested enough "anti-freeze" by kick-off to prevent freeze-up!! :smiley: :smiley:

I actually want to see some statistical analysis/comparison on liquor sales/consumption in Sask this week...

You saying to take out stock in that great Alberta beer Pilsner!

Reminds me of the water usage chart during Olympic Hockey Gold Medal game.

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As long as the roads are clear, I don't care how cold it is. Supposed to snow Friday in Calgary, if that doesn't change I know I can drive out Saturday. Keeping warm at the game is easy as long as I get there! Thinking about flying. Has anyone heard of these guys doing a Grey Cup flight?