Grey Cup VS. Superbowl poll

Kind of what you expected.

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Its funny how the talk that the CFL needs to be worried has been around for so long. The CFL is the ONLY North American football league to survive the growth and dominance of the NFL. Its quite an accomplishment. Go Argos! :cowboy:

Everybody has an opinion I like both, though there maybe fans of the NFL the idea of having a NFL franchise is more exciting to T.O then having it, don't see sellouts 8 times a year unless they decide to carry hockeysticks and wear skates.

I think the idea of Buffalo losing the Bills is just as strong as the idea of the NFL coming to T.O for alot of Canadians pro CFL, if Toronto does get a franchise I don't see that happening anytime soon.

It was a great Superbowl I enjoyed it , and it was a very exciting game, I think im pretty lucky to watch two brands of football on a yearly basis.

I'd be interested to see the difference in numbers if they ran this same poll 2 days after the Grey Cup.

Grey Cup vs Super Bowl. Old, old, old, lame story. When people ask me what I like better the CFL or NFL I now say neither but I turn it around on them and say what do you like better, assuming the only football played was the NFL and 4 down football - football or baseball, NFL vs MLB? That is the question that is important to me. I like both the Grey Cup and Super Bowl, sure I prefer the GC but like watching the Super Bowl. But I'd rather watch the Super Bowl than the World Series even if the Blue Jays are in it, I'm a football man. I say baseball because I think it's the closest competition for viewers for the CFL because of seasons overlapping, a bit for the NFL.

A gallup poll released today resulted in the Grey cup getting a much higher approval rating then the Super Bowl as far as popularity goes. The Grey Cup is preferred by 23% of Canadian, to just 14% for the Super Bowl. 15% liked both equally, while 48% could care less about either.

Thing is the writer of this article, a Dan Ralph, tried to spin this into the CFL being mainly for older fans, while the NFL was for younger fans, type deal. Even though the percentages of NFL to CFL fans under 35 was 23 to 17%. Not much of a spread.

Seems the writer couldn't admit that overall the CFL was preferred over the NFL, so he tries to find positives in the breakdown of the numbers. But the bottom line is the bottom line. And the bottom line is the NFL has little impact on CFL interest. The numbers don't lie.

Sorry EArl, didn't see you post.
Didn't mean to steal your thunder.

No prob berezin, good post. For me anyways, watching the SB just gets me going to get the CFL season going quicker, one feeds off the other to me. But realize not everyone looks at it this way.

Yeah, I don't know why the media is trying to turn this into an NFL vs CFL thing?
The CFL is ours, the NFL is theirs, you can enjoy both, but why the constant comparisons?

Same as last year they did a poll on Super Bowl Sunday, when the interest in the NFL is at its absolute peak, comparing it to the CFL which hasn't played a game for 3 months. I bet if they did a poll on Grey Cup Sunday the CFL would come way out on top.

But I don't know how the writer figured out the Super Bowl was more popular than the Grey Cup in Ontario, when his own stats show that the GC is more popular?

"Opinion was split in Ontario and Quebec, where 17 per cent in both provinces would rather watch the Grey Cup compared to 18 per cent for the Super Bowl in Quebec and 16 per cent in Ontario."

...and he comes to this conclusion:

"...and we see in Ontario, Quebec and Eastern Canada slightly more saying they'd rather watch the Super Bowl than the Grey Cup.''

While the passage is very poorly written, doesn't it show the GC beating the SB in Ontario, 17% to 16%?

I bet if they phoned people on Grey Cup Sunday and ask them if they liked the Super Bowl better, the GC would win 35% to 10%. But even with this poll done on SB weekend, it shows the CFL is still the first choice of Ontario and Western Canada football fans.

I don't understand these numbers:

"A Canadian Press-Harris-Decima survey says 53 per cent of people polled in Saskatchewan and Manitoba listed the Grey Cup as their game of choice compared to just four per cent for the Super Bowl. In Alberta, it was 41 per cent to five per cent in favour of the CFL game and in B.C., 23 per cent to six per cent.

If 53 percent of the people in Sask. prefer the Grey Cup, doesn't that mean 47 per cent don't? Same for the other provinces. Same thin in Atlantic Canada, 26 per cent of those surveyed preferred the Super Bowl compared to 17 per cent for the Grey Cup

Doesn't that mean that 74% of Atlantic Canadians prefer the Grey Cup? The numbers don't add up.

What bugs me about these 'poll's' is they never ask who likes both? The same goes for the TV ratings quoted by guys like CFL hater Bill Houston. They always make the assumption that its 2-4 million separate people watching both games, when in reality its probably 3 million die hard football fans watching both and maybe a million who prefer 1 over the other.

this is my theory on why young people apparently prefer SB;

when i was a kid, my dad put me into baseball, since that was his fav. sport....

i basically learned hockey from NHL '93 on super nintendo....from there, i knew the rules, the teams the players...

a lot of kids grew up learning football in a hockey country, from NFL videogames. learned NFL teams, rules and players.

people 25 and younger got their first football exposure playing madden '93-madden now....whereas CFL had nothing to get young kids familiar with their game....if u were gonna play a football videogame, it was an NFL videogame...this is especially true, i think, in ontario, where the CFL game isn't as culturally significant as it is out west.

maybe, out west, your familiar with the CFL at a young age cuz your parents and grandparents watch, and its just passed down...that is not the case in ontario. u need to stumble upon it on your own, like i did.

Yes drummer, I think there is something very positively special about a kid who was born and raised with the NFL so much around us/them and yet are able to really enjoy the CFL for what it brings to the table. Especially if the kid has friends who put down the CFL for not being big-time enough and all that but still manage to appreciate it and love it.

Give yourself credit, more than just stumbling, something different in a great way going on in that brain of yours, and others of course!!

Just wait till those "Young fans" see how much cash they have to fork over for an NFL game compared to a CFL game...... :roll:

I'd like to think of CFL fans as more mature, knowledgeable people but I think 'drummer' is absolutely right. Wouldn't it be nice if the CFL helped out those guys who are working hard on their own making CFL skins for the NFL video game. I don't even play video games any more but I'd put money out to try a CFL version and play it with my son as much as he could stand! :stuck_out_tongue:

I never used to care for the Superbowl but I have to admit the last couple of years the games have been great! Still, if the Grey Cup and Superbowl were on at the same time I'd definitely watch the Grey Cup. I have a lot of friends, mostly under 35, who love the Grey Cup as much as I do so I don't really see the league as having older fans. It does make sense to me that there are more NFL fans in the East as they are closer to some of the NFL cities than we are in the West.

''But there's no doubt that there's a strong affinity for the NFL and the Super Bowl in Canada.''

Well that's certainly a biased statement isn't it? This wasn't even the focus of this guy's poll, yet he extrapolates that there is a stong affinity for the NFL (as opposed to simply the Super Bowl).

Anyway, the poll smells of news for pay. I wonder who was behind it.

The S.B. has been very good the last few years, whereas the GC has been merely good. I have no doubt that the situation will be reversed in coming years. Championships have their ups and downs.

It does make sense to me that there are more NFL fans in the East as they are closer to some of the NFL cities than we are in the West.

What I would say Lady is that per capita, I don't really think there are more NFL fans in the East compared with West. What I would say is that per capita, there are more people who show an outward affinity towards the NFL in the East compared with the West since many in the East consider themselves Americans at heart. Maybe because of being closer geographically to NFL cities, perhaps. But I bet my bottom dollar that the West has as many, what you would call NFL fans, in the East, per capita. Fan being not necessarily what they prefer but what they would call the pinnacle of football leagues in North America.

What gets me about people in the East who say "NFL is the only football etc." is that when you ask most of them how much money they spend on going to NFL games, not that many actually do. Look at the Bills in toronto thingy, even if the prices were high you would think that according to the media and all that, the hords and hords of NFL junkies here, the place would have sold-out all 5 years in a jiff. But didn't happen. A fan is one thing, a paying fan is quite another. I know a guy who worships the Dallas Cowboys and thinks the CFL is a mom-and-pop league not worth caring about. This guy doesn't think his shttt stinks. He brags how he goes to games in Buffalo for $15.00 bucks in the end zone, a few rows from the field, can't beat it. Think he will pay a decent price for an NFL game in Toronto for the mighty NFL? No way in heck. For Toronto to be a successful NFL city with their own team, Buffalo has to lose their team. If they don't, the NFL ain't coming to Toronto permanently and that is that, until they expand way down the road and by then the Phil Linds are in the grave or close to it.

Do you notice when they do these "which do you prefer NFL or CFL " polls? Right after the Stuper BORE, why don't they do a pool right after the Grey Cup!?!?! Reason is simple , the "I Wanna be American" media would not get their desired result, the CFL would be far higher than the NFL!!!!!!!!

Ive always found it odd people worry so much about what the Americans are doing
My personal hatred to the NFL mainly stems from the fact there are so many teams in the league any semblance of fair standings are totally compromised as some teams get easy schedules and others get screwed

The NFL has totally degenerated, even its own games from 10 years ago were far better than those today (the idea of Arizona vs Pittsburgh in a Superbowl??? Laughable)