Grey Cup vs Stanley Cup: a random observation

Over the past 20 years, the odds of a Canadian team winning the Stanley Cup have been identical to the odds of an American team winning the Grey Cup. Which is kind of funny, given that there has been no US-based team in the CFL since 1995.

In fact, a person turning 20 years old today will have no memory of a Canadian team winning the Stanley Cup in his/her lifetime. (Sort of like a Blue Bomber fan.)

Sometimes I wonder why Canadians still love the NHL so much when we have another league that actually strives for Canadian content instead of doing everything in its power to prevent it.

My Canadian team i cheer for is team Canada! throw your conspiracy's out the window, i do believe there should be more Canadian teams yes, but its still fun to watch hockey no matter who's in the SCF. And IMO MTL wasn't Canadian this year, to boo the the USA anthem is UN Canadian!

About 54% of the players in the NHL are Canadian.

The Blackhawks have 19 Canadians and the Flyers have 20 (about 61% of their respective rosters).

A CFL team dressing the minimum required number of non-imports has 20 (about 48% of the game-day roster).

If Ray Emery weren't injured, there would be a Hamilton-area player in this year's Stanley Cup.

You do know that every single NHL team is mostly Canadian?
I don't really see your point. I hate the stupid argument that I have to cheer for a Canadian team just because.
In fact Philadelphia and Chicago are two of the most Canadian teams in the NHL.

There's absolutely no conspiracy.

There is always a conspiracy.

If there's no evidence of a conspiracy, that just proves how powerful they are at covering it up, so it's worse than ever.

And, of course, if you're not part of the solution you're part of the problem.

This applies to all situations in life. Nothing is ever your own fault, unless you dare to doubt the conspiracy theory du jour.

E.g., didn't the CFL brass conspire to put Doug Flutie into Toronto because it's the biggest market in Canada?

No one suggested a conspiracy. I just stated a fact.

The NHL and Stanley Cup are supposed to represent the highest level of hockey in the world. That is the league's mandate. All teams could be in Nigeria in the long run and this would still fulfill the NHL's mandate as long as having all the teams in Nigeria means they get the best players available, at least the majority of best players available. Canadians can romantazise all they want that "hockey is our game" and "we have a divine right to always have Canadian teams in the NHL" blah, blah blah but that still doesn't change what the NHL is and Stanley Cup represents. It is not a country thing nor what nationality the players are. Once the NHL can't get the best players on average compared with other leagues in the world, they will have a big problem justifying what the league is all about in that case. But right now they are fine in that aspect I think.

The CFL is a whole different animal and the Grey Cup, it's about crowning the national champs of Canadian football and while that could involve some foreign based teams with all foreign based players as we've seen in the past with the American experiment, it will involve always more Canadian teams than foreign based (and if it doesn't then I don't care about the league any more). The Canadian content aspect of the rules is a whole different issue but as long as all the teams are Canadian based, then having a quota on imports is the way it should be, once there are American teams and it looks like Canadian teams couldn't compete, then the rules would need to be changed on the number of imports allowed, I would think. The CFL isn't about getting the best players on the planet, it's about getting the best players available under the rules of the CFL.

Wrong. 1993 Montreal.

Not entirely. Someone who would be 20 today, would have been 3 when the Habs last won the Cup. It's unlikely that person would be able to retain that memory. It's usually around 5 that memories stick. Some things we can still recall from earlier, but 5 seems to be the accepted standard, which means a 20-year-old today would have little-to-no recollection of the Habs winning the Stanley Cup. They would also not remember the Jays winning the World Series (or even making the playoffs).

8) How right you are with your comments. I agree with you 100%.
 By the way,  "Go Hawks Go".     <!-- s:D -->:D<!-- s:D -->    <!-- s:thup: -->:thup:<!-- s:thup: -->

Actually at the time Toronto was the only team that wanted to pay for his huge ass salary ....

Oh please! You're a pediatrician now? Just admit you were wrong and be done with it!

I think that is so limiting ... and that attitude is why the CFL is where it is today ..with a mediocre fanbase. I want teams to get the best players they can afford no matter where they are from . For a team to limit it's own talents because they can only give spots to Canadians is utterly stupid.. and prejudiced I always hated that about the CFL and i always will ..

It's their rules ... i think the Canadian in CFL should have a better meaning than Only Canadians Should Play ....

And if Canadian NHL teams want to win the cup i got 2 words for them " GET BETTER " .. they have the same opportunities as any other team and can go after all the same players any other team can ... GET BETTER AND WIN SOME GAMES that's all there is to it

No need to question Blogskee on this, since it was originally my contention that a 20-year old will not remember a professional sporting event that happened around their third birthday. While I am not a pediatrician/psychologist etc, I stand by the statement in at least 90% of all cases (probably 99%). If it makes you happier, change the age to 18, which only risks inaccuracy in the case of extremely gifted 1-year-olds.

You agree with him?

So who is your favourite "American" CFL team?
Isn't it the same argument - the majority of players and the best players are American?

When it comes to players on the ice or on the field the average fan doesn't care what Nationality the player is.
And the players are not playing for their country when they are playing in the Stanley Cup playoffs. They are playing for their teams which happen to be in US cities, with US fans, US owners, getting paid in US dollars!

When Kevin Glen throws a TD pass to a receiver - do you cheer louder if its a Canadian? No we just enjoy the play on the field and we try to keep things like nationality out of it -

So jay, therefore there should be no restrictions on the number of non-imports on CFL rosters? Is that what you are saying? Does your logic that no one cares what nationality a player is when they score a touchdown or a goal translate over into how a professional league, all professional leagues ie. leagues that pay players to pay, should operate? :?

You see I'm someone who agress with you 100 percent I don't care what nationality a player is when they are out there in the play and trying to make my team win. However, once I take a step back after the heat of the battle and game is over and think about it, I say at that point does the rule of imports make sense to the history and tradition and mandate of what the league is all about. Most people couldn't give a crap, I agree, but many are able to separate the emotion of the game versus what a league is about on paper in a thinking process. Phil Lind's who don't care and don't have the grey makeup to care versus the more cerebral type of fan that puts the game, league and everything about it in a holistic manner.

No, not a pediatrician, but I have many friends who are psychology majors – and I have taken a couple of psych classes myself, but hardly enough to qualify as an expert – and this is a topic we’ve discussed at work (a university library where we house A LOT of books on children and psychology), so it’s not something that I’m unfamiliar with. In fact a simple Google search on childhood memory retention would suffice. Even simpler, what’s the first sporting event you remember? Chances are it wasn’t from when you were 3. Maybe you shouldn’t be so quick to shoot your mouth off.

You can keep the age at 20, because regardless of what seymour thinks, you are correct and a 20-year-old would probably not remember the Habs winning in 1993. The research backs you up.

I have checked your blog once or twice. I always have to laugh at people who pretend to be knowledgeable about subjects they know very little or nothing about. You are such a person.
So carry on... you are amusing if nothing else.

I have to ask, are you a politician? I ask because instead of sticking to the point, you feel the need to veer off into personal attacks, much like elected officials do when they can no longer find merit in their previous, erroneous, position. It seems to me that you are just upset that you were proven wrong. Your first post was you being a smart ass, and every post after that has just been less about actual points, and more about you just running your mouth. In fact, you can't even bother to find out who said what. Instead you see someone who disagrees with you and decided to just attack. You can attempt to insult me all you want, but that doesn't mean you're right. The truth of the matter is, most people who were 2 or 3 at the time of the Habs winning their last Stanley Cup would have no recollection of it occurring. You can dispute it all you'd like, but you'll still be wrong.

8) If you had read these comments, you would see that we were talking about NHL teams, and the fact that some people feel that everyone should cheer for Canadian teams only !!!
 The fact is most players on Chicago and Philly are Canadians.  Not that that matters to me in the least, because I would still cheer for Chicago, irregardless of their Canadian content !!!