Grey Cup Vs Records

In the chart below are the records of all the 9 major CFL teams against each other (based on the CFL's definition of who owns what history). To read this the first number is the number of wins for the team in the row (the far left cell) while the second is the number of wins for the team in the column (the top cell)

Some observations:

BC is the only western team never to play Ottawa
Edmonton is the only team to lose to everyone they have played
Esks vs Als is the most common Grey Cup with 11
Edmonton won over two thirds of their Grey Cups against Montreal
Edmonton has a winning record over only Montreal
Saskatchewan has more losing records than anyone else
Winnipeg has played the most teams, everyone but Montreal
Winnipeg has lost to the most teams at 6
Winnipeg has the single worst record, 0 and 6 against Toronto
Winnipeg has over half their Grey Cups against Hamilton
Hamilton has beaten the most teams at 6
Ottawa-BC and Winnipeg-Montreal are the only inter-conference match-ups never to happen