Grey Cup Visit to Parliament Hill

With the recent news of Trump calling off the Eagles' White House visit and the Stanley Cup always being a no-show every year, does anyone think the Grey Cup champions should get a trip to Parliament Hill and a visit with the Prime Minister?

Sure the Grey Cup isn't as big as the Super Bowl, but football is supposed to be larger than life. I'm not sure why this hasn't happened already or has in the past but stopped for some reason. Maybe the CFL just didn't see it as a priority with the usual turnaround of players each year, American players having different commitments. Yet this is something I would like to see happen for the league as not only would it put the league in the news one extra time each year, at the very least players could lobby the Prime Minister to create jobs with that Maritime expansion we keep hearing about.

Why must we copy what Americans do? Let's trying being original, and god forbid... uniquely Canadian.

Does it matter what the Americans do?

Well, you brought them into the idea, so that shows it does matter to you, and you clearly want to copy what they do. IMO pro sports and politics should never be in bed together.

On top of that... originality is all but dead in this world. Lets revive it!

Nope, only reminded me. I've always been of the opinion Americans shouldn't have exclusive use to the name as Canadians and Mexicans live in North American too.

I think the Stanley Cup is supposed to visit the Prime Minister each year anyway, but of course a Canadian team never wins the Stanley Cup.

For the most part I agree with not mixing politics and sports and the comment about originality, though I think the movie industry needs that more. Otherwise we might as well get rid of tailgates... opps. Argos already did that;p

I think it's probably best not to try this out.

Politics has become so fractious that the Canadian players could become split about attending, depending on their political leaning.

And then the American players might not have any clue about Canadian politics and who our PMs are anyway. Might be tough getting them to care much about such an affair.

Prime Minister just had the winning team from the CWHL come to Parliament hill. (

I think its a nice gesture and recognition, but for it to work leagues and politicians have to put their politics behind them. If leagues participate in this, both sides have to agree to put politics behind them and show up and/or offer invite regardless of personal issues.

It just makes a lot of sense to do this, but for some reason the PMO office doesn't. Great PR. Maybe Ambrose can change this.

I don't see any need for it.

As a player, I think I would have way better things to do in the off season.

I don't really see a need but maybe the Grey Cup champs could make a visit to the Canadian Sports Hall of Fame and provide the CSHF with some momento of the their winning the Cup like a jersey or ball or something. I don't know, just a thought.

I like the idea of the Prime Minister phoning after the Grey Cup and congratulating them on winning when they go back to the locker room .

Maybe as part of the podium reception he can do it and broadcast it live .

I think they use to do it with some of the leagues .

I use to laugh when the Super Bowl winners would be asked where there going after the super bowl and they yelled " Disneyland" .

I think a few CFLers were asked it after the Grey Cup and they yelled " the West Edmonton Mall ".

I assume they would do it the next season when they came to visit the REDBLACKS.

What about all the Euro players on teams that win the SC who go to the White House every year ? I guess they don't care either.

I think going to Ottawa is a good idea. The teams should act the way our armed forces act. The don't care which political party the PM belongs to. To them he's simply the PM.
I like waving the Canadian flag. I don't care much where the people under it are from.


Yes, thank you for that nice bit of clarification.

Ya well don't be THAT GUY ..

Okay (imagine one of those thumps up emoticons or whatever they are called). Gotcha.