Grey Cup/Vanier Cup

Attention Football Fans!

TIME IS RUNNING OUT! There are less than 600 tickets available in the Upper Bowl and can only be
purchased through the Ti-Cat office! Tickets are selling faster than ever!
Now is time to secure a seat at this years 2007 Grey Cup/Vanier Cup in Toronto.

Feel free to contact me for more information or to purchase your ticket!

Brian King
Ticket Sales Representative
Hamilton Tiger-Cats Football Club
905-547-2287 x 307

Isnt this against forum rules. You posted this in another thread, and now you made your own thread , but forum guidelines clearly state:

  1. Do not flood the forums with advertisements.

I think we can make an exception for selling Grey Cup tickets can't we. And its not as if he is flooding.

Agree with Billy Soup. It's not like he's advertising "Extenze" or whatever that late-night "enhancement product" ad is for. I don't see any flooding ... just him advertising a Canadian Football product at the best place to find CFL fans. And if he actually does work for the Ti-Cats, wouldn't he be able to get an exception anyway?

PS: Billy, I may hate the Riders, but your sig pic is sweet.

Ummm guys, remember the Ti-Cats pretty much own the forum (Bob Young's company DID produce the software for it). So even in the very remote case it's against league policy, it is still a bit of a loophole.

Hey guys,

Just want to let you guys know that I am just trying to give a chance to the individuals who are looking to attend the Grey Cup in Toronto. Some people don't know this but here at the Ti-Cat office we have access to the lower priced tickets and most people aren't aware of this. If you were to go onto ticket master it would appear as sold out in those sections.
I applogize if it came off to some as me "flooding" the forum, I honestly am just trying to help out our CFL fans.


Brian King
Ticket Sales Representative
Hamilton Tiger-Cats Football Club
905-547-2287 x 307

hey no problem

I would buy a pair and donate them to some kids who can't otherwise go if there was a program for me to do that.

Apparently there is

BobbyP comes through again! Thanks! Maybe too late for this year but next year for sure!

Hey Wolf09, not a problem. I think most of us appreciate the info. Some folks are wound just a little too tight!