Grey Cup - Vanier Cup pairing

While we wish to see some sort of a season this year I think it's really important and necessary that the two national finals are on the same weekend.

Vanier Cup on a Friday and the Grey Cup on a Sunday afternoon.

It's also one of the reasons that I was pushing for the Championships to be on one location on a regular basis.

Any other bids must include the Vanier Cup as well. Also the season needs to end on the last Sunday of November.


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It works on paper and it's right on many levels but in this option the cities which don't have a CFL team would not be able to host a Vanier Cup game like Quebec (they could have had a CFL team before but it's their problem) or the atlantic cities.

For the Vanier Cup to get a bigger profile it needs to be paired up with the Grey Cup.

Think of it as a destination place.

I think this is a great idea, I actually thought this was the case for this year as no universities offered to host it in 2020. This would be a great promotion for the University game.
Some programs may find it hard to find the money to fly a team across Canada.

It does become concerning as the 2021 Grey Cup is scheduled for November 21st a week earlier than previous ones.

On one hand they talk about pairing up and then on the other they are moving the CFL schedule up a week.

Can't see U Sports going to a 6 game season to accommodate the CFL.

They were already working on it before the pandemic. We won't see that come to fruition this year, sadly. Frankly, I have doubts we will ever see football again in this country.

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I think people are split on this idea.
As it has already been noted it makes sense logistically.
But some also feel that the Vanier Cup should have it's own weekend or it will never grow.
I see it both ways, but it is nice if it can be held in a market that actually sells tickets to fill a stadium like Quebec.

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How's that working for them?

With the right leadership and investment the Vanier Cup can someday be a stand alone event.

It needs help with that part by pairing up with the Grey Cup and with a right TV partner (CBC & TSN)

Agreed, it has to go with the Grey Cup,and there is time to play all 8 games. They have to showcase the upcoming talent for the CFL and promote University Football. Let the fans see the players that are up for the draft. Or they can do a bigger promotion with the East West Bowl.

Signing up with Rogers Media was such a disaster that it set back university sports in Canada for years.

Need to have the right TV partner for any sports leagues to get traction.

Shows how desperate Rogers Media was putting everything on the NHL
at the expense of every thing else.

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From Nov. 2019

That will only work if they take place on the final weekend of November or on the first weekend of December.

Canadian Universities need to play a 10
game season that starts on the last weekend of August.

They could instead pair either the Uteck or Mitchell Bowl with the Grey Cup and use the exposure to build hype for the Vanier on the following week.

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If finishing the season before the Vanier Cup is so teams can scout for potential talent then it would make sense.

Other than that the two national championships need to be on the same weekend and same location.

I'd like that too, but I think the CFL will do what they think will make them the most money. And that might well mean Grey Cups earlier than Vaniers.

Then all that talk about pairing them up seems to be about nothing at all.

Not necessarily; there are still options for this pairing to happen:

A. The league might decide not to move the season and Grey Cup up, if that's what's best for their bottom line. After all, it's been held around the last week of November for quite a while now. And while late season and playoff attendance can take a hit because of cold weather, early season attendance in June hasn't so far proven to be great either.

B. USports might decide to move up their season and the Vanier, if that's what's best for them. Training camps now start in the second week of August. I don't think it's inconceivable that they move that up to the first week . . . again, IF being able to pair the Vanier with an earlier Grey Cup would prove to be a real benefit to the sport.

They can sell a weekend pass for both games. Sell individual of course. Make extra money on concessions. The Vanier is already televised, pairing with the Grey Cup will help promote the sport at the university level. Well they have a year to plan this.

As long as they get a 10 game season and a 4 round playoffs then adjusting both schedules might be beneficial for both leagues.