Grey Cup Vancouver Charter?

Please forgive me for bringing this up before we have won the EDF, BUT, myself like many others, did not book a flight and room earlier this year. We all have our reason's. :roll:

Nothing I'd like better than to "be there" cheering the Ticats in Vancouver. We've demonstrated that the Ticats like to "hear us".:thup:

A flight out on Friday morning from Hamilton...a game ticket...a room based on double ocupancy and a return "red eye" on Sunday night (arriving home Monday morning) would be "doable" for many, "if the price was right". I'm thinking around $1000.00

I'm throwing this out there to gauge interest, because last year it was a "last minute thing" and honestly, I would much rather have the "weekend" in Vancouver where we could walk around in relative warmer weather.:wink:

If there is enough interest, I'm hoping the Ticats will consider running a charter.

The more that fill a plane...the cheaper.

They did it last year, but let's win first :wink:, they did not...they ran a same day charter to REGINA...big difference than a 3 day trip. :wink:

I'm asking about gauging interest in a 3 day trip...two nights in a motel/hotel...a place that actually has some available at this writing, in a place that isn't "freezing cold".

Sorry, that's what I meant :wink: Charter

Great suggestion, woody. This will certainly help in partaking in the Grey Cup "experience", while not freezing our nu7$ off. Vancouver has a pretty good transit system, so the hotel doesn't have to be right in the mix of things, so that can help on costs. If something can be put together within the next couple of days, I'm sure a 25-50% refundable deposit would be enough to secure the package.

Can't see it being very affordable though. B.C. is a whole different animal flight wise.

If you are a group of people maybe a dozen you might want to look at hiring a private jet. It may work out cheaper than Air Canada or West Jet.

If the Ticats do decide to run a trip out there, I hope they find the cash to send Pigskin Pete. The fact he has to pay his own way is kind of pathetic.

I'm happy to say I'll be there to watch the Cats hoist the cup. Hopefully the Powers That Be can arrange something after we make it.

Wow :roll: ...I can't beleive that of all the people who visit this site ...a total of 14 (at this writing) have an opinion if they would be interested in a Charter to Vancouver for Grey Cup.

Maybe after we win the EDF they will all want to go, but the reason in posting this early is to set the wheels in motion to find out what it might cost...THE VIABILITY of a charter.

A week from now may be too late to start looking into it. If it's going to happen, we will need people stepping up and saying "Yes, I'm interested".

If not, that's OK, too. However, it sure would be a shame if enough people "come out of the woodwork" on Monday morning the 24th of November and we don't have anything "in the works"...then it won't happen.

I think there are many more who will wait for it to happen and then jump on the band wagon.

With the host team now eliminated from G.C. contention, there should be a good selection of tickets being offered, over the next few days on

If you are interested then don't wait for "other" people to arrange a charter, call up yourself and find out how much it costs.
This is a fan thing, the team is not going to organize a charter.

The team did last year.

It’s a big difference with the game in Vancouver this year. There are scheduled flights almost every hour from Toronto to Vancouver, plus flights out of Hamilton. I can’t see a case for chartering a plane with all those options already in place.

Really? :roll: ...Gee I didn't know that. Thanks for that valuable information. I guess all the people that run "charters" for their groups, don't know that either.

Seriously though...last year, the Ticats threw together a red-eye in and out of Regina...last minute, because there were no rooms available. They had the game tickets already. (Each team has a block of tickets that are released after the final 2 teams are set)

This year...there are rooms available, I'm sure there are game tickets available, but the Air Carriers choose to make a killing on the few seats available...that's why people charter. Its a lot cheaper arranging a plane and transfer busses and rooms and tickets for more than 100 than it would be on an individual basis...However, someone needs to be looking into it in advance.

My intent on posting this was to gauge interest in people interested in going out for a weekend. The Ticats won't do anything if there is no interest. By the looks of this interest.

BTW...If you have never experienced a Grey Cup away from Toronto or Hamilton, "you don't know what you are missing". :wink:

So why wait for the team to do something? they may not do anything this year, if enough people want to do it, call up SkyCharters get a quote for flying out in the morning, the private jet waits until after the game and flys back.
You can probably fly to Vancouver for $30,000 in a 15 seater, that’s $2,000 a piece, not bad.

Well, Woody, good luck with your plan. Anything that gets more Ticat fans to Vancouver would be a great thing. I know a lot of people have already booked their trips using scheduled airlines (myself included) but there are probably a lot more that will want to make the trip when the Ticats book their ticket this weekend.

Here is another alternative that seem to specialize in fan charters (if their website is to be believed) - I don't have any experience with them. I was on a small, small charter out of Hamilton (4 people on a Piper Navaho) to a Pittsburgh Steelers playoff game a number of years back, and it was definitely a great way to go.

Wonder if the Cats Claws fanclub might want to get involved as well, at least in terms of drumming up interest? It might also make sense to engage a travel agent since they have the contacts and expertise (not to mention, insurance).

The Ticats may also have something lined up and ready to go once the Grey Cup teams are set.

Exactly :thup: …Again, if 100 people express interest in going…(knowing it will be in the $1000 area) it would be a whole lot easier putting this together on Monday the 24th

Did anyone else get "Season Seat Holder Update" encouraging us to contact Red for flights to Vancouver?

I got my email at 11:24 am on Tuesday Nov 25th...yesterday. I called right away and left a message. After another voicemail message this afternoon, I got a return call.

Unbelievable what they want for a flight out and back...even with "red eyes". :roll:

And now, to add insult to injury...the rooms that were available just last Sunday, at a reasonable price are now "Double". :thdn:

The lady from Red tag was nice about it and said yes, the hoteliers were really raising their rates after Sunday and of course the airlines were up to their tricks. She said she was having a tough time arranging flights for spouses of players. I can surely understand that. You'd think that someone would have seen this coming and come up with a charter.

Yes, I should have booked it last bad!

Yes, there are tickets available yet for the game, but my intentions were to get out there by Thursday, tomorrow, not going to happen now.

I'm pleased they are sending Pigskin Pete out...that should have been a "given". What happens to the party he was arranging?

I've missed a few Grey Cups...I'm hoping this one is the one that I regret missing the most, for the sake of the Ticats. :wink: