Grey Cup-US TV

As mentioned elsewhere the Grey Cup will be shown live on As for TV, MSG+ and CSN-New England will show it on tape delay Monday night. Can't blame Altitude for no live TV, they have a Nuggets game to show so the Grey Cup would have been delayed there too had they not dropped the telecasts.

From the America One website:
The Canadian Footbal League - Grey Cup Championship will air LIVE at 6:00 PM ET on Sunday 11/29.
This is good news provided one of the RSNs decides to pick it up for a live broadcast. :thup:

No it's not. AmericaOne has been showing CFL for years but the RSN's never pick up the feed. So... effectively, the Grey cup will be seen by a much smaller number of americans :thdn: :x

Never? They may have not had it the last two seasons but prior to that I watched the Grey Cup LIVE.

Sure...if you are lucky enough to live somewhere that picks up the AO feed. And not many places do.