Grey Cup Unite Event - Really, Really Good!

I just attended a couple of Grey Cup Unite Events this morning. Great event. I highly recommend everyone register and join in for free at this link for the entire week of events:

Very cool online set-up.

Hats off to the CFL for this.

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Pinball Clemens is doing the State of the Argos right now.

I have a conflicting meeting so unable to attend. Any deets would be great :grinning:... many thanks!

Just FYI - I will make sure we post all videos from all of the events for viewing after the week is over. They'll all go here:


Cool. Thanks. The Commissioner's address was interesting. And I watched the State of Argos last night. Great online set-up for this week.

You can see stuff I think it has been all recorded so you could watch anytime, if I am not mistaken, and it goes all this week.

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