Grey Cup uniforms?

Both teams have favoured the all black with red highlights, so I'm wondering who's the visitor thats taking the hit and wearing a white?

I would like to know why Calgary was wearing Red and black yesterday? Calgary's colours are red and white not black.
Ottawa is the REDBLACKS - Ottawa in black or red and Clagary in white or red on Sunday.

Not sure how it works but I think home team gets choice.

The schedule lists Calgary @ Ottawa for the Cup, so that means Ottawa picks what they wear. Calgary wears the opposite.

While traditionally the home team designation, was alternated year-by-year, I believe in recent years the "home team" has been the team which plays in the same division as the host city. i.e. The TiCats wore white in Regina and the also the following year in Vancouver. (They'll wear their blacks next year in Ottawa!)

Either way, BMO field will have a game where the "home" team matches the seat colours... :lol:

Im sure ottawa will wear the all black with red trim and Calgary will wear the white with red pants

I wish Orridge would use the power of his office to mandate that no team wear pyjamas. I despise the same colour tops and bottoms; it's even worse when it's all black. Contrast between pants and jerseys makes for good visuals. Unfortunately we can expect one team to wear all black on Sunday, and I wouldn't be surprised if both wear black pants. So sick of the idea that black should be the predominant hue in a football uniform. At least Ottawa used to wear black jerseys at home back in the day so they get a partial pass. Calgary's colours should be red, white and silver/grey.

In addition to aesthetic arguements, functionally, contrasting tops and bottoms make it easier to interpret what you're seeing when bodies are flying around.

Calgary has had the Red and Black jersey's as third jersey's for years and years however I agree as does my wife who a huge Stamp fan that they need to drop the black. They used to have red, white and a touch of grey.

2016 Grey Cup
Intersquad scrimmage
Calgary BlackReds
Ottawa RedBlacks

Seriously go to the CFL site, it looks like there was one team who won both division finals. I actually had to look closely at a few just to make sure it was the right team.

Obviously a small issue, but just another bush league thing that the league refused to change. Calgary has no business wearing black outside of their alts, especially as an away helmet AND pants. Their away uniform is absolute garbage, I have no idea who designed it...but hopefully there are enough jokes about a scrimmage taking place in the Grey Cup that the league will tell the Stamp to ease off on the black. I'd understand if it looked good, but outside of their alternate, the Stamps overall look is not aesthetically pleasing to watch.

Realistically what they should do is put Ottawa in all black, then have Calgary go red helmet, white jersey and red pants with black socks. I doubt it, but I hope so.

Except Ott should wear white pants under the black jerseys. Same colour top and bottom (including upper socks) looks like pyjamas.

Why dont we ask Access_Media what his sources say? Lol

At least this time, Ottawa will be considered the ‘home’ team. Else, it would be the Ottawa WhiteBlacks (sporting their road white pants, jerseys & helmets) against the Calgary RedBlacks(aka Stamps) with black & red helmets, black jerseys & pants. They should never have been able to name the team ‘RedBlacks’ until the Stampeders agree to get the black out of their design - and those white Ottawa helmets are simply horrible (unlike the Alouettes white ones).

Fair enough, that'd work too. I know that a lot of people are not fans of monochrome looks, but for some reason they don't bug me like others.

To be honest the best matchup I think would be Ottawa in black helmet, white uni, black pants and Calgary in red helmet, red uni and white pants.

Who knows though, I just can't stand the Stamps away get up, it's such a disaster.