Grey Cup U.S. broadcast

Apologies if I have missed any news on this front, but is it possible the Grey Cup will be moved from CFL+ to CBS SN in the U.S.?


The last game they have on their schedule is Oct 9 - Ottawa/Montreal.
Surprised CBS SN didn’t pick up the playoffs or the Grey Cup


Me too. I was hoping CBS SN might add the GC at some point, but maybe they would have announced it by now if they had. I can understand why any Saturday games wouldn’t be picked up because CBS SN broadcasts college football, but they don’t broadcast any NFL games on Sunday. Even in the past when we only had a handful of games available to us down here, I could usually find the GC on linear TV.

You will be able to find it on one of the “unofficial” sites on the internet.

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We won’t find out until likely next spring where one can find the CFL on linear TV in the US.

We’ll see if CBS renews for coverage AND beyond CBS Sports Network, including Paramount+. It’s not like they are not seeking more live sports content, as are all media now.

I don’t see any interest in the US coming up from Fox, ABC / ESPN, or NBC for various reasons to include the newly formed merged spring league. You don’t want the CFL on Peacock or ESPN+ anyway as well.

For now, it’s CFL+ outside of Canada or Pirate Sports Network, with both options FREE worldwide.

We’ll see what is or is not enhanced with CFL+ too, for I figure Genius Sports and the CFL essentially are using CFL+ this season to gauge streaming interest outside of Canada so as to offer an enhanced service that is likely not to be free. This is merely my opinion, as I have commented previously.

If you cannot view streams for live sports reliably on a big screen, well now you have many months and the holiday season to get that done right too.


I sure hope it stays on CFL+.
Last year, I had to talk a local restaurant into showing the game.


Oh Lord do I remember those days! I remember going to my local restaurant and pub in 1993 so that I could watch the Grey Cup. Back then, the only way to get the game was if you had Satellite (before direct tv). I told the owner that I was having a Grey Cup party and I guaranteed a party of 20 that would be eating there if they would play the game. The guy agreed and I beat the streets inviting every person that I knew to come. I fell three short but the owner had mercy on me and let us watch the Eskimos and Bombers. I made some Chiefs fans very mad but I never feel bad upsetting Chiefs fans. Those were the days!