Grey Cup TV #'s

The Grey Cup ratings rebounded from slip-sliding a year ago.
Even though Winnipeg led from start to finish and the decision was never really in doubt, the television ratings were up 14 percent. Hometown running back Andrew Harris put on a show.

Grey Cup Sunday TV ratings 2019:
Hamilton vs. Winnipeg — 3,682,600
2018 Grey Cup
Ottawa vs. Calgary — 3,132,000
(Lowest-rated game since 2001 (2,700,000 million) and smallest average audience for TSN since taking over the broadcast rights prior to the 2009 season)
2017 Grey Cup
Calgary vs. Toronto — 4,100,000
2016 Grey Cup
Calgary vs. Ottawa — 3,600,000
2015 Grey Cup
Ottawa vs. Edmonton — 4,100,000
2014 Grey Cup
Hamilton vs. Calgary — 4,100,000
2013 Grey Cup
Hamilton vs. Saskatchewan — 4,500,000
2012 Grey Cup
Calgary vs. Toronto — 5,500,000
2011 Grey Cup
Winnipeg vs. B.C. — 4,600,000
2010 Grey Cup
Saskatchewan vs. Montreal — 6,040,000
2009 Grey Cup
Saskatchewan vs. Montreal — 6,100,000
(That set a Grey Cup record for average viewers.)

Good rebound indeed despite the lop-sided nature of the contest.

Do the numbers include RDS?

not very impressive numbers, unfortunately

Not great not terrible

article is from 3downnation - they never report RDS numbers. Wouldn’t serve their purpose.

for the uninformed the number they report is continuous viewers. There will be a peak number to report and TSN will also report unique viewers (how many tuned in). That will come in at approx 10 million. Bell will make the announcement and they will include RDS. Not much in Canada gets that kind of viewership on a pay station. Not much at all. Even though it wasn’t a classic I couldn’t turn it off - always having hope of a Hamilton comeback. Congratulations B.B.'s

107th GREY CUP Presented by Shaw Audience Grows 19% to 3.9 Million Viewers on TSN and RDS…n-tsn-and-rds/

Here is an article that includes RDS as well. Pretty good numbers yesterday.

I really wanna know about international viewership

3.9 million is a good bounce-back number. Best in 3 years. I would have liked to see it over 4 million which would have happened with a more competitive game.

If you ask wrestling fans none of them expect Monday Night Raw to get its old ratings back, and not because its not popular, its arguably bigger than ever but because theres just not as many people watching on regular cable anymore or many PVR which arent included

Even though it was more one sided the game was intense .

There was hardly any penalties and the ferocity of the emotional aspect on both sides was boiling over .

Great stories with Collaros etc… .

I watched it to the end and listened to the interviews .

The only blight was Suitor acting like a teenaged girl in the booth .

It’s nowhere near as big anymore. Attendance is way down from it’s second peak 20 years ago. People have tired of the wrestling because it is overly scripted and boring compared to 10-20 years ago. The writers and bookers have killed the wrestlers individuality with overly scripted monologues and generic matches. Hence the desire for an alternative product in AEW which is doing quite well out of the gate

That’s what I saw also. An intense game by great athletes. The 2 rush ends for the Bombers were better than the Ti-Cats and put more pressure on the QB. I think that was the big difference plus the Tasker drops and the drop at the goal line by the Ti-Cats. Ball got punched out there

Very good breakdown of all the platforms.

Surprised they didn’t mention Loblaws for sponsors they had their “like a mother” ad on almost every break and many had it twice.

Was hoping for an average of over 4 million with two teams that hadn’t won the Grey cup for so long, but at least the average trended in the right direction.

Not bad too, considering Bell had some top NFL teams and viewed teams playing during parts of Grey Cup, on TSN 2 and at least 3 different CTV channels. Nice to see the Canadian NHL teams have opened up their schedules for Grey Cup, minus Edmonton.

It would be interesting to see if there is any relevant data on the international viewership since this is the main focus of Ambrosie.

Huh?! How so? What’s 3downnation’s purpose?


Yes. I’m wondering when (if?) those will be released.


Yes, that commercial has been ringing in my head for weeks. Even the earlier rounds has them very frequently…kind of catchy :slight_smile:

Also there is no report on TV ratings of GC on ESPN in the states.
I i know im one so add 1 to the ratings lol.

Finally found the Grey Cup ESPN2 ratings. 109,000 viewers.

Here is the Numeris Top 30 for the week ending Grey Cup Sunday. The game # 1. 40 minute pregame show #3 and the 48 minute long post game show in at #12.

Lots of football fans out there because the NFL game that overlapped with the first hour of the Grey Cup still managed to top a million coming in at # 30.

Grey’s Anatomy should be counted as well in the numbers . Pretty sure they were dissecting the defences and offences .