Grey Cup TV ratings

Before the CFL and Sports TV Ratings thread got bumped into the Off Topic thread there had been some posts in that thread wondering what the ratings for the actual Grey Cup game itself were. There were some posters speculating the ratings may have included huge amounts of pre and post game stuff which could mean the game itself got much higher ratings with a few posts with some interesting math suggesting the game itself may have averaged over 5 million viewers.

In case you don't check the off topic threads often and were wondering about that - it turns out the ratings we saw of 3.65 million on TSN for the Grey Cup - was indeed the average rating for the game itself. That measurement was for the average rating between 6:40PM - 10:18PM which basically corresponded with the game time.

The pregame (6:00PM - 6:40PM) averaged 1.67 million and the post game (10:18PM - 11:04PM) averaged 1.94 million for TSN.,%202016%20-%20November%2027,%202016%20(National).pdf

That's good numbers!!
too bad that the Grey Cup on RDS numbers didn't even crack the top 30, at the same time on Sunday night they had 2.6 million watching - Voix junior (the Voice junior)

Hi guys - while I don't think discussing comparative numbers/interest on other leagues is really that off-side for this topic, I'll clean up the posts in this thread as requested by a few members.