Grey Cup TV ratings may not be as good as we thought.

This was sent to me by a TV/radio celebrity so I thought I would share it with you guys.

Yes its good that the Grey Cup had alot of viewers but we did not have much more than any other TV show.

Here are the stats.

Here are the results of the tv ratings:

1 Grey Cup Game'' (CBC, Sunday) _ 2,887,000 2 House'' (Global, Tuesday) _ 2,714,000
3 Criminal Minds'' (CTV, Wednesday) _ 2,641,000 4 Grey's Anatomy'' (CTV, Thursday) _ 2,630,000
5 C.S.I. Miami'' (CTV, Monday) _ 2,578,000 6 C.S.I. New York'' (CTV, Wednesday) _ 2,459,000
7 Dancing with the Stars'' (CTV, Monday) _ 2,308,000 8 Desperate Housewives'' (CTV, Sunday) _ 2,166,000
9 C.S.I.'' (CTV, Thursday) _ 2,159,000 10 Amazing Race 12'' (CTV, Sunday) _ 1,855,000

Grey Cup and Global's tv series 'House' almost were neck in neck in the ratings.

Depends on your perspective. I say that these are fantastic numbers considering that the CFL had to take a loan of $4 mill in the '90's to stay afloat and can't market like a Super Bowl can to so many Americans which, in turn, gets many Canadians turned on since it's a American show. And remember, they took MNF off of ABC because the ratings weren't good enough compared with regular programming.

That's my perspective on this.

Are those just Canadian viewers?

BB, does it also include those who watched on RDS?

I am not sure if that list only includes certain areas or channels, but it is a comparision non the less.
I will call him and ask him those exact questions that you have because I too beleave that it should be higher.

I don't see what the big deal is, the Grey Cup beat all of those American shows for ratings, and that number likely doesn't include RDS or people watching it online.

Beer your numbers for the Grey Cup is wrong, see my posting.
These correct numbers 3.539M have been widely advertised in different papers.
So I am not sure who or where your source is, but it is wrong.

"The numbers are in and it is pretty decent.
Up from last year on CBC, but down considerably on RDS which could have put us over the top and the 4M+ range.
Overall very good.

[url=] ... tball/home[/url]"

Nothing wrong with those numbers that I can see.

Of that entire list only two other shows were on Sunday night and one of those was on AFTER the game. Numbers for shows in direct competition on the same night are the only numbers that count.

I didn't even notice that. Now those numbers make sense.

Right. It's not like half the people were watching the Grey Cup while the other half watched House.

The people who watched House may have all seen the Grey Cup game as well.

This is from the archives folks. 2007

And you can see the last time it was on CBC the ratings were extremely low. So how can we get double the ratings over a decade? How is this possible? Are they wrong? YES.

Because as I have explained previously the ratings have been flawed and finally the networks and companies such as AGE and Plus2 have taken control of the market in ratings for companies to get to the bottom of it.

A GC on CBC in 2017 would have gotten approximately 6.2 million. That is 2 million more than on TSN. Are these fans shut out? No but the Super Bowl actually gets an average of 4.7m over the last 2 seasons on CTV not the # it suggests.

Many Canadians only care about the CFL and not the NFL and thus are included in the ratings.

I will be updating as we get more information.