Grey Cup Train

There was talk of a Grey Cup Train from Ottawa, Hamilton and Toronto. They talked about it during the press conference, has anyone heard about this?

What a great idea! My wife and a friend are heading from Ottawa on the 22nd, I wonder if we could hitch a ride... :cowboy:

My train leaves Belleville Ontario Thursday 20th, sometime around 11am

That's quite a headstart you're gonna get for all the partying. Sure you'll still be able to make the game? :rockin:

Thursday is usually one of my favorite days of the festivities. This year I am flying in Wednesday Night. Can't wait.

As for the Train. In 2001 6 of us took the train from Ottawa to Montreal on the Friday. They ran out of booze, but otherwise it was a great way to travel.

me and my buddy are flying in to ottawa on the friday morning, can somebody point me in the direction where I can get some more information on this train?

I'm excited about the train, I don't intend on being to drunk by the time I get off the train in Montreal,
And when planning my trip, taking the train up Thursday just made more sense for me than Wednesday, I arrive in Montreal at 3:00pm anyways, just enough time to get to my hotel, drop off my stuff, and head back to the parties!

Train is way too expensive. The train from Toronto to Montreal well over $100 for a return trip. You can find a WAY better deal on Coach Canada bus. I got a return trip from Toronto to Montreal for $20 (10 each way). The $10 are probably sold out now but I saw some of a few days ago for as low as $18 each way. Takes a bit longer to get there but you save a TON of money.

Check it out:

As long as you don't get beheaded.....

The price you pay for the train is worth it, $100 round trip isn't bad considering if you drive - $40 in gas each way + parking.

I used to take the bus and the train in College back to visit parents, the bus is way more cramped while the via is quieter and faster

Price you gotta pay sometimes

I would definitely pay the extra few bucks and take the train.... Much more comfortable, quiter and faster.
If you are 3 or 4 people you can ever swing the seats 180deg, face to face, so conversations are easier and more plesant

i used to be all about the train, but last summer i did a baseball stadium tour by bus (4 Stadiums in 4 days) and i didnt find the bus that bad, im a student so i generally travel by bus.
The train i was talking about wasn't a normal train it was like the Fan Train that the Als set up to Toronto or Hamilton each year for a game.

They had that this past Saturday.... I was on it, great experience

So you were one of those people sitting behind me and the double 00's :stuck_out_tongue: