Grey Cup Tour on Train poorly planned out.

ok. I'm really annoyed that the website for this "Train Tour" doesn't have each location they're stopping at already planned out and on the website so that the fans can plan ahead for it.

this is not a well planned event so far or they're just so inept with the IT people running the site that we're going to have to wait till the last moment before we learn about things.

Typical CFL.. :roll:

Not sure what you're talking about. I go to the website and I see a clickable, zoomable map with coloured "keyhole" markers all over it, indicating where the train will stop, and what type of stop it is (Fan Celebration, Mobile Stop, or RONA Stop). I can click on the makers to find more details, including the time and more specific details about the location. I can scroll through the specific events by clicking on the arrows on the bar just below the line that says "Fan Celebration, Mobile Stop, RONA Stop".

Only complaint I have is that the closest the train is coming to Kingston is Belleville. I would've thought Kingston made more sense, considering that there is more football history here than there, Queen's having been participating in Canadian football from the early days.

I would've expected to see an itinerary, listing each event in order, but considering that my main interest is when it's coming close to me, I can just click on the map, so that's not really a complaint. I can still use it to plan ahead for it.


go here

scrool down
zoom in to where you want to go
right click on the baloon and you get

Click on learn more and you get

anybody want to see pics of the train or would you rather be surprised?

Looks like a pretty well set up website to me, then again, I am not a technogeek by any means so the fact that it is simple may be right up my alley. :cowboy:

The big question is how many people will try to get on with their horse?

Put them up, I want to see them.

I kind of agree that there appears to be some poor planning about this tour. No stops at all in northern Ontario, none in Kingston - as was mentioned - or Kitchener or Guelph. The stop in Barrie (my home) is on the 11 November from 11h00 - 16h00. The 11 November is semi final Sunday. With a semi in either Hamilton, or more likely Toronto, I will be at the game, or home watching on TV. They couldn't have planned this stop any worse if they tried. I do realize they they have to plan around an ever shrinking railway infrastructure in this country but I think they could have done better than this. I more than likely won't get a chance to see it.

That train looks AWESOME.

The train can't go everywhere. I imagine it's very expensive to send this thing out and staff the events. That it is visiting most major centres is about as much as reasonably should be expected.

Anyway, I LOVE this idea and I think it's all very positive and uplifting. WTG CFL! It's makes me proud that the league is doing something like this.

:thup: [url=] ... story.html[/url]
The trophy will be transported by road to other cities and towns not directly accessible by rail, visiting schools, hospitals and community centres.

Woot woot! Train hits London on Nov 1. :smiley:

The train stops in Moose Jaw on the 27th of Sept... definitely a must see!

That seems a little off... should be trying for Kenora, Dryden, and by the looks of the map, Timmins, aside from Northern Quebec... The rail lines must pass through these towns, just as a matter of course...

Looks like the train got derailed in Edmonton tonight.

The VIA Rail line doesn't go through Kenora, Dryden, Thunder Bay or Timmins. Between Sudbury and Winnipeg these places are where the VIA stops are:

Capreol, Laforest, McKee's Camp, Felix, Ruel, Westree, Gogama, Foleyet, Elsas, Oba, Hornepayne, Hillsport, Caramat, Longlac, Nakina, Auden, Ferland, Mud River, Armstrong, Collins, Allanwater Bridge, Flindt Landing, Savant Lake, Sioux Lookout, Richan, Red Lake Road, Canyon, Farlane, Redditt, Minaki, Ottermere, Malachi, Copelands Landing, Rice Lake

It's been probably close to 20 years since Kenora, Dryden and Thunder Bay have had passenger rail service.

Ah ok... I didn't realize that Via went even farther north. Although, they said it was a combination of Via, CN and CP, so I thought they might be taking the CN or CP lines that would go through these places.

Have any other leagues in Canada tried this? I can imagine the logistics of such an endeavour with problems that can arise along the way ie. mechanical issues for example, and trying to coincide any changes automatically on a website would be daunting. Good, no excellent on the league for attempting this task and going for it. Awesome. :thup: Train looks awesome as well. :thup:

Typical cflisthebest. :roll:

Great pics, looks better than on TV. Thanks RO !!

Someone mentioned that the its was a joint venture between CP, CN and Via... Southern Sask hasn't had VIA rail service for 20 yrs either... yet the train is making stops in Swift Current, Moose Jaw and Regina...

i'm looking forward to that day too.