Grey Cup Toronto 2007

Toronto's Rogers Centre will host the 2007 Grey Cup, the Toronto Star reported early Saturday morning.

According to the newspaper, the league's board of governors awarded the game to Toronto prior to Friday's matchup between the Hamilton Tiger-Cats and the Edmonton Eskimos.

This year's Grey Cup will be played at B.C. Place in Vancouver while Canad Inns in Winnipeg hosts the Grey Cup in 2006.

Problem is the paper is saying it, not the CFL.

link to the article?

Not happening, double check that. I think either Hamilton or Montreal got it.

thast great....when can i buy my tickets?

whos gonna get it for the 100th grey cup then????....edmonton?

"It will be the first Grey Cup hosted by Toronto since 1992, when the Calgary Stampeders defeated the Winnipeg Blue Bombers at the SkyDome."



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great ........I will be there and thanks for the news.

hellothere, I know the game is in 2007, but do you think it will draw well? Do you think it depends on if the Argos are good that season? Here in BC, the Lions and Braley are benefiting HUGE from the Lions 11-1 record, as you can see that over 57,000 seats have been sold and the game is still months away.

i think it'll sell out......this game will be a combination of all the TI-CAT CFL fans and the ARGO CFL fans...the game is really drawing from 2 CFL markets.....

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i just want to know when to expect tickets to go on sale?

are winnipegs '06 Grey Cup on sale already?

There is no question that the 2005 GREY CUP, will be a huge suc.....well done B.C. fans and other CFL fans.

When TORONTO held the GREY CUP the last time in 1992 , that period was in the CFL's dark days. THE JAYS were GODS AT THAT TIME , and the BILLS , were popular.

People would phone THE FAN and brag how they couldn't give their won GREY CUP, tickets away. If you were a CFL fan in TORONTO, it wasn't easy in those days.Daily reports about an NFL team coming to TORONTO, FROM THE Toronto SUN......ect....... :roll: DIDN'T HELP.I was ashamed of TORONTO ,AND THEIR SELFISHNESS regarding other CFL cities.
They just didn't care if the CFL FOLDED. :roll:

The other problem was who was playing in that game.CALGARY and WINNIPEG were seen as , 2 WESTERN teams.

Given all of that , 45,000+ wasn't that bad , for those times.
Even though FLUTIE was CALGARY'S , Q.B.

Things have changed allot.The ARGOS/HAMILTON season ticket base has grown allot.

Will it help if either TORONTO or HAMILTON ARE THERE?.......YES.......!

I feel confident that this ARGO team, now know how to promote an event like this one. :wink:

they need to run television spots on the sports channels in '07 ( or whenever they start selling tix )...TSN, Sportsnet, and TheScore

I agree........and there is a whole new promotion team in TORONTO that knows what it is doing.

Well, congrats TO, I also hope you get the 100th GC as well in the future, I know you will do a good job with the 2007 GC as Winnipeg will do with the 2006 GC.


My guess the 2007 tickets will go on public sale sometime before the 2007 pre-season starts. However, if you happen to be an Argo season ticket holder (should T-dot get the game), you get first crack at ducats, followed by those on a waiting list that will be established once the 2007 GC website is up.

As for 2006 in Winnipeg, last I checked they're website isn't up yet. But look for the waiting list to be established in the first couple months or so of next year.

Sweet!! I am so there!