"Grey Cup" tops Twitter trends

I'm sure some of you don't give a rip about Social Media, but one can't deny its importance in bringing eyeballs/awareness to our league. To be the #1 Twitter trend in Canada for 2011 is quite an accomplishment. The league deserves credit for fostering such a dynamic SM presence. Kudos! :thup:

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[b][i]Nothing got Canadians all a-Twitter in 2011 quite like the Grey Cup championship.

The Canadian Football League's annual championship game was the top trend on Twitter in Canada in 2011, according to new data from Vancouver-based social media mavens HootSuite Media Inc.

The term "Grey Cup" spent four days trending in Canada this past November in the run up to the big game, which saw the B.C. Lions defeat the Winnipeg Blue Bombers in Vancouver.

The ranking is a testament to the CFL's use of social media platforms to interact with hard core and casual fans of three down football, something the league has spent a great deal of time and energy working on over the past few seasons.

HootSuite's algorithm ranks trends based on the cumulative duration of the trend's placement in the Top 10 terms on Twitter and where in the Top 10 it ranked during that time - a term earns more points for being the No. 2 ranking trend rather than the No. 8 trend, for example.

Over the course of the year, the phrase "Good Night Twitter" managed to find its way into the Top 10 Trending Topics on Twitter for a total of six days and 20 hours, as people bid adieu to the Twitterverse before heading off to bed.

Everyone's least favourite teenage one-hit-wonder, Rebecca Black, was the No. 3 highest ranking trend in Canada this year, as Canadians passed around the YouTube video for her song Friday, presumably with the accompanying message, "Can you believe how bad this is?"

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All of us in the Als forum want to know what happened to your McPherson trade to the Ticats. We figure you'd have the guts to show up but we're still waiting... :smiley:

Not quite HfxTC. .. yes, we're all still waiting for his mea culpa, but I disagree that we all figured he'd have the guts to provide one. . . in fact, I'd suspect that the vast majority of us expected that he wouldn't have the integrity.

ohhhh ouch! :wink:

Flutiefan has no business apologising; he was partially correct! McPherson is involved in a 3 way trade with Montreal-Edmonton-Hamilton. But, McPherson ends up in Edmonton, not Hamilton. My sources are rock solid! :rockin:

No he was not. He said McPherson was being traded to Hamilton, that it was a done deal, and that it would be announced the following week. 100% wrong.

About as wrong as you are, I expect.

Relax, MJ...the guy is just pulling your chain. :smiley: