Grey Cup Tickets

Hey Tiger Cats Nation;

As a season seat holder I was lucky enough to be entered into a draw for to win Grey Cup tickets, and I won. I was so happy to get the call I felt validated in my support for this organization that I forgot totally that I already had tickets to the Grey Cup. My girlfriend and I decided we could treat our dad's to their first ever Grey Cup so we bought 4 tickets as soon as they went on sale.

So I have two tickets available, I am really hoping these tickets can go to a CFL fan. I wanted to offer them up in the Ticats forum to give someone the opportunity who otherwise wouldn't have been able to see the Grey Cup (or didn't order a Pizza Pizza combo before the promo was shut down)

I know the Ticats won't be playing but this will be a great experience. As far as I know the seats will be in section 219/220. The catch is I have to claim them in person at the Ticats Takeover party in Toronto on Sunday.

If anyone is interested send me a private message, first come first served we will have to meet up in Toronto for me to hand off the tickets.

I want to make sure they going to be used, and enjoyed. I am not expecting anything for these tickets, but if you are so inclined you could give a toy to the Christmas Tree of Hope this year or a donation of some kind.

We can exchange contact information to show anyone interested that I am on the level.

Oskee Wee Wee

Dave G


what an offer.