Grey Cup Tickets

Wow, cheapest seat on the deal from Ticats email is $449.10 each!!!

Ok, sorry, I was wrong, they got them from $169-$899!! The $169 in the end zone! I grabbed 2 tickets on the 50 yard line, second level up, but thats exactly where I love to seat, they were $399 each.

If the Cats make it to the show, then I go, if not, sell em!!!

Just bought section 115 and section 116 endzone seats. The prices were a little steep to get better ones. Hoping to get one of the many Fantuz kicked ball after he scores a TD or a field goal ball.

I got two tickets section 207 row 2. Pretty much centre field. I go to the Big Show every year whether the Ti-Cats make it or not.

I'm in section 206, row 20

Sect 223, row 11.
I'll be cheering on our Cats loud and proud.

No need to panic at these prices, come the week of the game when its Hamilton/BC there will be loads of tickets available for much less.

How do you figure?

My guess is because neither Toronto nor Saskatchewan will be playing in it... lol

8) You should be careful there "robleggett", you might offend some people like DCF, for rubbing your priviledge, in our face, that you can afford $400. tickets each to a game !!!
  I'm just joking with you rob, but I'm just replying to a previous response to me about my club seats !!!   <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

 It was an uncalled for comment to me, when I was simply replying about the  quality of food in the Club level !!

I thought it was against the rules to carry grudges over from other threads? :roll: